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Nobody has TIME in this country to wipe the tears of common man. It is left to dry with TIME.


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See paper trail of communication from DDA to Registrants by clicking link here below

Paper trail of communication from DDA to Registrants

updated on 4/3/2018, 8:28:14 PM
DDA pulls a fast one on senior citizens. Allotment cum Demand letter dated 03February2018 is sent by recorded Speed Post so as reach the registrant on 02April2018 (India Post Tracking ID-ED420726773IN). First installment of the premium for Plot is due within sixty(60) days of issue of demand letter which happens to be 03April2018. It is a challenging task for a senior citizen to mobilise an amount of INR.5,56,474/-(Five Lakh fifty six thousand four hundred seventy four) within 24Hours. Request application for time extension by at least ten days given to DDA. Hope some sanity prevails in DDA and the request is addressed positively

Last updated on 2/18/2018, 1:15:31 PM

Dear All,
Now, DDA has started sending Demand-cum-Allotment letters to allottees who were allotted plots in Sector 34 (Pocket A4, C5 & C6), 35 & 36.

Demand - cum - Allotment letters for allottees in Sectors 37 & 38 have not been dispatched and will be sent after some time.
Against any provision in Constitution and Delhi Development Act, 1957, DDA [@DDA_a_Cheat] has started sending Demand – cum – Allotment letters of Reduced Size and totally Undeveloped Plots of only Sectors 34 (Pkt A4, C5 & C6), 35 & 36 for depositing the plot cost etc.
1)         These plots will remain undeveloped and un-inhabitable for minimum next 3-4 years.
2)         Against norms, its own precedents and provision in Delhi Development Act, DDA [@DDA_a_Cheat] has demanded land cost of the year 2017-18 for the plots which were allotted through Rohini Scheme draw dated 12.06.2012 (year 2012-13).
3)         Against applied (bigger) size plots by thousands of Scheme applicants in 1981, the plots allotted are reduced size.
Advise: In making any and all future correspondence with DDA, registrants/ allottees may mention following paragraph (depending up on their individual case) in all their correspondence(s) to DDA:
#  Because allotted plot is still undeveloped and will remain undeveloped even for minimum next 3-4 years, the demanded cost of land is being paid by me under protest and DDA will be bound to pay market interest on my deposited money in case of any delay in handing over physical possession of fully developed plot to me.
#  Because, against my Rohini Scheme application of 90/48 sq mtr MIG/ LIG plot, I have been allotted only a reduced size plot of 60/48 sq. mtr, I am not surrendering my claim of applied size plot and depositing demanded cost of plot under protest.
Also, because allotted plot is still undeveloped and will remain undeveloped for minimum next 3-4 years, the demanded cost of land is being paid by me under protest and DDA is bound to pay market interest on my deposited money in case of any delay in handing over physical possession of fully developed plot to me.

Please note that modified language of required Affidavit has already been explained/ clarified to you all earlier on this site.


DDA’s Rohini Residential Scheme - 1981
SLP(C): 16385 - 88/ 2012 [Rahul Gupta v/s DDA] & Contempt Petition (C): 764 - 767/ 2016
@RahulCipher & @DDA_a_Cheat
Finally, Hon’ble Supreme Court issue Notice to DDA [@DDA_a_Cheat] on pending Contempt Petition on its repeated failure of abiding Court’s order dt. 10.03.2015.
Through its latest affidavit dt. 01.01.2018, the DDA [@DDA_a_Cheat] gave untenable and totally illegal excuses of #GST, #Demonetisation, #MCDElections, #NGTorder of banning construction in Delhi, #DERCorder of depositing extra money, Onset of early Monsoon & excessive rains etc and also, part of allotted Rohini land under Litigation.
The DDA has, in past, also used #AssemblyElection, #ColdWeatherCondition, #ChhatPooja, Site constraints and non availability of Police protection etc as reasons for not completing the development on time.
Importantly, the DDA [@DDA_a_Cheat], through personal appearance of former Vice Chairman [Mr. Balvinder Kumar] and Chief Engineer, Rohini Zone [Mr. Sandeep Kumar], firmly submitted to Court on 10.03.2015 that “there is no dispute, whatsoever, on Rohini Scheme land which is being allotted to Rohini registrants and this land is in safe custody of DDA”, “no impediment in developing the land/ plots of Rohini registrants” and also, “committed and mandatory development will be definitely completed by July, 2016 and fully developed plots will be handed over to all remaining registrants by 31.07.2016, without any fail.”
Through latest affidavit, DDA has also submitted that ‘800+ allotted disputed plots’ will have to be relocated and new Plot Numbers, Sector/ Pockets will be allotted and most shockingly, has also accepted that ‘plots handed over possession recently in past 2 years, are also undeveloped.’
DDA has been directed to file its reply to Contempt Notice in 4 weeks time.
30% registrants have already died waiting a Plot from DDA and most remaining are on the verge of their life span.

Updated 14Sept2017 ................................... Once again, Hon’ble Supreme Court slaps Rohini Scheme registrants.

4th time in a row, Hon’ble Supreme Court, unprecedentedly and apparently illegally, just before 4 days of scheduled date of hearing on 18.09.2017, once again postpone hearing of Contempt Petition (C): 764 - 767/ 2016 against DDA indefinitely.

Importantly, vide order dated 10.03.2015, Hon'ble SCdirected DDA to handover fully developed plots to all remaining about 25,300 Rohini Scheme registrants, in 2 instalments, by July – 2016, definitely and, DDA has failed completely.

Although, DDA has allotted 11,000 totally undeveloped plots and has also collected money, ranging between Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 15 Lakhs, from about 9,500 Rohini registrants since December – 2014. Shockingly, these plots are admittedly [by DDA] undeveloped so far and thus inhabitable and will remain inhabitable for minimum next 5 - 6 years.

For remaining about 14,300 registrants, according to DDA itself, part mandatory and ordered development is likely to be completed in next One Year, subject to ‘no further litigation on allotted land, unhindered site/ work front availability and also if adequate Police protection is made available to DDA and hence, further uncertainty. Importantly, on ground, there is hardly any development.

Despite of the fact that matter is a part of pending Contempt Petition and Hon’ble High Court and Supreme Court both (in about 20 such cases) have already termed the related DDA policy (already owning a residential flat/ plot) as illegal, DDA and Ministry both have failed answering and taking remedial measures on the issue of Illegally issued Show Cause Notices to hundreds of scheme allottees and already illegally cancelled 3 - 4 plots of scheme allottees and Rohini Scheme allottees are being harassed and being demanded bribe by concerning DDA officials ranging between Rs. 4 & 10 Lakhs directly or through middlemen & property dealers.

Notably, Hon’ble High Court, through specific instructions in 2013, ordered DDA to amend the ‘defective policy immediately’ and Hon’ble Supreme Court, very recently, in 2016 has also rejected one related appeal of DDA of cancelling the allotted plot.

I have kept all option and suitable steps will be taken accordingly and appropriately.

1. Competition Commission of India (CCI) is going to announce a verdict in favour of Rohini Scheme registrants and against DDA in very near future. I have supplied them each and every detail/ document which they have required. Further details will be made known to you all.

2. Because DDA's mistakes and cheating of (a) DDA calculating less months for paying interest. (b) DDA paying only Simple Rate of Interest against legally payable Compounded rate of Interest to us and (c) DDA collected rate of land/ plot of the year 2014-15 illegally, were brought to the notice of DDA and higher authorities, DDA has admitted its part mistake and has agreed to refund excessively/ illegally charged money to allottees who have made payment of plot for Demand - cum - Allotment letters issued to them after November - 2014 and up to the date. Remaining issues have once again been raised with higher authorities and DDA will have to give us our due/ legal refunds. CCI has also been updated about this innovative/ fraud of DDA with Rohini Scheme registrants.

Updates on Aug/31/2017
Important message

It has come to notice that some illegal elements are trying to drive out the allottees from the scheme by making threatening calls and even sending threatening letters interpreting existing ownership of house by allottees as an ineligibility for the Rohini scheme 1981. All registrants are to note that these fake calls or letters or even house visits by elements are to be ignored summarily. Detailed update follows soon

Updates on 7/21/2017, 6:27:42 PM

SUPREME COURT JUST FOLLOWING THE POLICY OF "TAREEKH PE TAREEKH Hence it is not wrong to address judges "your honour Judge Tareeq Ali".


Please find here below a sanitised copy of the DDA letter dtd.15March2017 addressed to the registrants of Rohini residential plot scheme 1981, which is essentially a reminder to the registrants to update their communication address(considering the age group they belong to, there is a steady movement to heaven every season). It is beyond logic, that why a responsible organisation like DDA waits for registrants to move Supreme Court for directions on DDA's internal routine matter. With all the resources available with DDA the work could have been completed by now . May be DDA is waiting for the Modi Government to go so that they need not do the work.







Dear All,


Please be informed that: 

It is hereby clarified that there is no association, exist


“Rahul Gupta and team his http://dda-rohini.tripod.com


“Rohini Residential Scheme 1981 Association (Regd.), 17/30, Shakti Nagar, Delhi – 110007.”


Through latest affidavits dated 19.07.2016 & 29.07.2016, DDA has informed Hon’ble Supreme Court that due to litigation on already allotted plots/ land with land owners, committed & ordered  development for 14,500 plots in Sectors 34 (Pocket C5 & C6), 35, 36, 37 & 38 has not been completed and hence Demand – cum – Letters to these 14,500 allottees have not been sent. And, for committed development of already allotted about 11,000 plots in Sectors 29, 30, 34 (Pocket A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4), it has submitted wrong & illegal facts.


As DDA has failed to honour the Supreme Court’s order dated 10.03.2015, which actually is 5th in a row since 16.12.2009 - the 1st Delhi High Court order, Rahul Gupta has filed a Contempt Petition on 14.09.2016 against DDA.


For latest/ daily updates on Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 issue, you can follow me (i.e. Rahul Gupta) on Twitter account: @dda_a_cheat and @RahulCipher.


Rahul Gupta                               Date: 18.09.2016

Member of team ‘http://dda-rohini.tripod.com’ and,

Public Interest Litigant at HC & SC on Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 issue, since 2009.

Mobile No. 9811071782

E-mail: cipherbox@hotmail.com

Twitter A/c: @dda_a_cheat and @RahulCipher

Updates of 17.09.2016


Dear All, 


Some of the photographs of 15.09.2016 Dharna/ Pradarshan are attached.


Rahul Gupta








DDA extends date of making payment of plot for 3rd time.
Through a DDA’s Public Notice, appeared in various news paper on 02.07.2016, date of making payment (with applicable interest and restoration charges) has been extended to 25.07.2016. It is important to note that this extended date is only applicable to Rohini Residential scheme allottees who were allotted plots in Sector 28 (Pocket A3), Sector 29 (Pocket D1, D2 & D3), Sector 30 (Pocket C1 & C2), Sector 34 (Pocket A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4).
Those Rohini Residential Scheme allottees who, due to any reason have not made payment of plot up till now, and wish to make payment, must contact DDA immediately.
As has already been clarified through various messages on this website repeatedly, to the best of our knowledge and information, DDA can not cancel the allotment of plot of those allottees those who have arranged/ purchased from market a residential flat/ plot in last 30-35 years in Delhi and thus now own a residential plot/ house in Delhi. However, a legal expert may be consulted for individual case.
MOST IMPORTANT: Because the development of plots/ land in Sector 34 (Pocket C5 & C6) and other pockets of Sector 35, 36, 37 & 38 is not yet complete, DDA is holding issue of Demand – cum – Allotment letters to allottees of these Sector & Pockets and such a reply has already been made by DDA to one Rohini Scheme allottee.
Rahul Gupta              Date: 04.07.2016
Twitter A/c: @RahulCipher  &  @dda_a_cheat


Click Here to See Video of Actual site status of plots allotted at Rohini


Protest/ Dharna at DDA’s INA office on 19May2016 (Thursday) at 02.00 PM.

The broad issues are:-
1. DDA allotted land which happens to be disputed by villagers who are not allowing DDA to do any work for development of plots,

2. DDA has not started issue of allotment-cum-demand letter  to remaining batch of about 14,500 scheme registrants and also not handover 11,000 plots to earlier batch of allottees who have already paid the cost of plot.

It is clear now that DDA is in contempt of Supreme Court direction for ‘handing over of developed plots to all remaining 25000 scheme registrants by 31.07.2016'.

 It has come to our knowledge that DDA has plan to divert undisputed and semi developed land for other less urgent purposes including land for Sport Centre in Sector 33 of Rohini.

We have also been getting complaints that many allottees who have already deposited plot cost to DDA, are being harassed on false pretext and some have even been issued Show Cause Notices threatening to cancel the allottment.

Protest/ Dharna is being organized at DDA Vikas Bhawan, INA, New Delhi on 19May2016 (Thursday) at 02.00 PM to highlight these disturbing issues.
 Mr. Rahul Gupta will also apprise all attendees about the court proceedings and what has been done by DDA so far and what is in store to Scheme registrants.

Media has also been invited to cover sufferings of Rohini Scheme registrants.

 You all are advised to take part in this Protest/ Dharna and remain updated on the issue.
 However, if you are away from Delhi, please advise one of your family member/ friend in Delhi to attend this Dharna/ Protest and make it a grand success.


Team ‘http://dda-rohini.tripod.com’ and ‘Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 Association’
Rahul Gupta (Mob: 9811071782)

Dear All,


it is noticed that of late print & electronic media is slowly getting out of their cocoons made of political and money pressure and beginning to report issues relating to Builders cheating home buyers. Issues involving builders like Ansal, DLF, Unitech, JayPee, Supertech, Amrapali etc are being frequently reported by electronic/ print media.


‘ABP News’ has started collecting grievances of Home Buyers on “http://www.abplive.in/meraghar and has received more than 250 complaints against DDA and this number is increasing daily. You can also lodge your complaint and increase this number for the purpose of ABP News raising and highlighting the plea of ‘Rohini Scheme registrants.’


Also, to raise concerns of Rohini scheme registrants and highlight this issue, a new twitter account "#dda_a_cheat” & “@dda_a_cheat” has been opened on twitter.


You all are requested to follow me on Twitter "Rahul Gupta@RahulCipher#dda_a_cheat" or "Rahul Gupta@DDA_a_cheat" on this issue and you all are advised/ requested to raise the issue of "DDA's Cheating against Rohini scheme registrants" repeatedly, at least once every day by re-twitting and liking these postings on ‘twitter’.


You can also eMail your views, problems, agony and concerns and if required, and I shall try my best to answer these and guide you further. Rohini Scheme affected registrants should also get the help of their ‘tech savvy’ family members to make these two accounts effective and more viewable by masses. 


Hon’ble Urban Development Minister Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu also has a twitter account as “@MVenkaiahNaidu” and other twitter accounts of Ministry of Urban Development are: “@Office_MVNaidu”, “@Moud_India” & “@SuPriyoBabul”. Hon’ble Prime Minister can also be reached on twitter through “@PMOIndia”, “@narendramodi” & “@PIB_India”. All these twitter accounts can be used to raise our concerns and you not only can Re-tweet related tweets to them, you can also lodge your grievance and raise your concerns.


This message should also be spread among all known/concerned Rohini scheme registrant and to make best use of this opportunity. 


By highlighting Rohini Scheme issue on "twitter", we hope to attract attention of other media also and highlight the issue for hopefully getting timely justice to all surviving scheme registrants.

Thank you 

Rahul Gupta

Date: 23.04.2015


Happy Holi to all waiting Rohini Scheme registrants.


Continuing Dharana Pradarshan at Jantar Mantar, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

[Organised by Rohini Residential Scheme 1981 Association (Regd.)]


Maha Sammelan on 27.03.2015 (Sunday) at 02.00 PM.

‘Rahul Gupta’ will address the Public and waiting scheme registrants on 27.03.2016 (Sunday) at 2.00 PM and appraise about the latest on the pending issue(s) at Supreme Court and also continuing contempt(s) by DDA of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s orders/ directions.


Firstly committed development work on first batch of 11,000 plots is still incomplete, for which already DDA has taken full payment and given possession/possession letters and secondly as per directions of Court to DDA, DDA is to begin to give possession/issue possession letter for fully developed plot to remaining 13,500 allottees by 31.07.2016 which also now appears doubtful.


You all are requested to attend and get updated.


Team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com


Update 17March2016


at JANTAR MANTAR, Connaught Place, New Delhi

on 20.03.2016 (Sunday) at 11.00 AM

organized by Rohini Residential Scheme 1981 Association (Regd.)

All Rohini Scheme waiting allottees/ registrants are requested to attend this to raise the voice to get our genuine rights and the plot at the earliest.


Update 11 March 2016


Notably, if DDA can charge interest @ 12.5% - 15% on delayed payment against the allotted plot, the DDA is also liable to payout interest @ 18% (on the cost of plot paid by the allottee to DDA) for the delay in handing over physical possession of allotted fully developed plot and this interest is payable by DDA up to the date the allotted and handed over plot becomes fully developed.


By writing a letter addressed to the Vice Chairman – DDA and copy to the Director (RL) - DDA, respective allottee(s) who have not been handed over possession of a fully developed plot and already handed over plot is still un-developed, can claim such interest from DDA.


Team “http://dda-rohini.tripod.com


Update of 31Jan2016

One application of Barwala village land owners, demanding their acquired land back which DDA planned to allot to waiting Rohini Scheme registrants in Rohini Sectors 34 (Pt), 35, 36 & 37, has been rejected by Hon’ble Supreme Court on 28.01.2016 with a direction to these land owners to approach Hon’ble Delhi High Court for the purpose of “enhancement of compensation u/s 24 (2) of New Land Acquisition Act – 2013.” There are more such applications pending in the Hon’ble Supreme Court and it is likely that the same may also get treated similarly.


As a result, it is expected that the DDA will resume to develop already allotted plots and complete mandatory services, which was suspended because of pending litigation, to remaining about 14,500 waiting scheme registrants, who, as per the order dated 10.03.2015 of Hon’ble Supreme Court, are to be issued ‘Demand – cum – Allotment Letters of developed plot’ by July – 2016.


It is also expected that remaining development of land and mandatory services for already allotted about 11,000 plots, which was also disturbed due to these litigation, will be completed by DDA immediately.

MOST IMPORTANT: Defying various High Court judgmentsand also against one of its own circular, DDA has issued ‘illegal Show Cause Notice’ to some of the scheme allottees of ‘cancelling the allotted plot’, who rightfully declared that they own a built-up flat/ house or a residential plot in Delhi. [may vary for individual case]


It is also important that DDA has already issued possession letter of allotted plot to many allottees who have already declared that they own a built-up flat/ house of 900 sq. ft and more and/or a residential plot of less/ more than 67 sq. mtrs, either allotted by DDA or purchased from open market. . [may vary for individual case]


Such allottees, who followed related directions given on this website from time to time since 2012, and have received such totally illegal Show Cause Notice from DDA, are advised to send the details of their case to ‘Mr. Rahul Gupta, 158 – Munirka Vihar, New Delhi – 10067’ through Speed Post only for seeking further guidance and such cases may be brought to the notice of Hon’ble Court and/or concerning authorities by Mr. Rahul Gupta accordingly.


Team “http://dda-rohini.tripod.com



We solemnly announce completion of 10 years of our struggle duly supported by this web site.


Updates of 10.01.2016

Because land owners of Barwala and nearby villages, demanding their land back, have filed fresh cases in Hon’ble Supreme Court, allotment of plot to remaining about 14,500 scheme allottees those were allotted the plots in Sector 34 (Pkt C5 & C6), 35, 36, 37 & 38 has taken a new twist. The Court has also not rejected villager’s applications as it is and has ordered the land owners to present their claims in details and has ordered the DDA to file counter reply. The case is likely to be heard on 28.01.2016 at Hon’ble Supreme Court.
Because of this development, apparently, allotment of these 14,500 plots is not likely to be completed by July – 2016 as ordered by the Supreme Court on 10.03.2015. Importantly, the DDA has already admitted that villagers/ land owners are not letting him to complete development of land in Sectors 34 (Pt), 35, 36, 37 & 38 from which the DDA has to allot 14,500 plots.
Through a public notice dated 21.12.2015, DDA has also admitted that “some plots in Sector 29 (Pocket D2 & D3) are yet to be developed and possession of these plots (about 200) will be given after 01.06.2016 only.” 
Most Important:
DDA has sent possession letters of allotted plots to those allottees who declared that “they already own a built-up flat or a residential plot” in Delhi.

Team “http://dda-rohini.tripod.com”

= = = =


Updates of 09.11.2015

Team “http://dda-rohini.tripod.com” wishes all a very Happy & Prosperous Dipawali.

Those who have deposited the demanded cost of plot and have also completed other DDA’s formalities have started receiving the letters from DDA to take “Paper Possession of their (undeveloped) Plot”. 

Also, by sending the letters of deficiency, DDA is illegally delaying issuing “letter of Possession of allotted Plot” and also harassing the scheme registrants. The plots are still undeveloped and compulsory basic amenities are missing and hence, are un-inhabitable. Those, who despite of the fact having already completed all formalities of DDA for 3-9 months back, if are receiving deficiency letters from DDA and/or letter of possession of plot is being delayed by DDA, are advised to write a letter of their concern(s) addressed to the Vice Chairman – DDA only and copy of the same letter should be sent to the Principal Commissioner (LD & Housing) – DDA and to the Secretary at Ministry of Urban Development.

“Rohini Residential Scheme 1981 Association (Regd) at Shakti Nagar, New Delhi [Mr. Raj Jain, Secretary. Mob. No. 9311273838]” has filed a writ at Delhi High Court for (1) Applied size plot (2) Rate of plot, as was promised in the scheme brochure (3) Suitable compensation & damages and the matter is fixed for further hearing on 04.12.2015 at Delhi High Court.

All-round efforts are being made to get “applied size plot at the rates it was promised by DDA in the scheme brochure with suitable compensation” and scheme registrants are advised to come forward to fight DDA by joining “Team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com

Most Important: Those who have been issued the “letter of possession of plot” and have already taken “paper possession of plot”, are advised not to go in for completing the “Lease Process of allotted Plot”. Once the Lease of allotted Plot has been successfully executed in favor of scheme allottee, his/her claim of “applied size plot” will get defeated.

Team “http://dda-rohini.tripod.com”                 

Date: 09.11.2015

Updates of 18.10.2015

Through possession letters issued by DDA earlier, the allottees were required to take ‘Paper Possession of allotted Plot’ from the Survey Department of DDA at Vikas Sadan, INA.” Now, through circular (office order) dated 14.10.2015, DDA has advised to contact the DDA’s field engineers (AE/JE) from DDA offices located at Deepali Chowk, Rohini & Madhuban Chowk, Rohini for taking “Possession of allotted Plot.” Through this circular, it has been made clear that the possession will henceforth be handed over from these new offices in Rohini only. DDA’s circular dated 14.10.2015, is being reproduced below for the convenience of all allottees.


Those allottees who have been issued the Possession letters so far and were advised to take ‘paper possession of plot’ from DDA’s Survey Department at INA and have not taken the possession of plot up to now, are advised to contact only the officials as mentioned below in DDA’s circular (office order) dated 14.10.2015.


As already advised through earlier updates, the allottees are required to be given only the “Physical/ Site Possession of plot by DDA and not mere Paper Possession.” You all are advised to insist taking “Site/ Physical Possession of Fully Developed Plot having Demarcation Stones properly fixed/ installed” and also take photographs of your allotted plot (with demarcation stones fixed) and also of development in surroundings. 


In case the concerning/ designated DDA official deny such request, contact Chief Engineer (Rohini Zone) - DDA at Madhuban Chowk (Rohini) office and in case of any further problem & deficiency, please write a letter of your concerns immediately with evidences (photographs etc) to the Vice Chairman - DDA and copy to the Principal Commissioner (LD & Housing) - DDA [Vikas Sadan, INA], who has issued this circular.


Those allottees who have taken mere Paper Possession of plot from DDA officials at Survey Department, INA up to now, can also make a request to concerned DDA officials at DDA offices located at Deepali Chowk or Madhuban Chowk for handing over the “Site/ Physical Possession of their plot to them.”


“Team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com

Date: 18.10.2015





Updates of 17.08.2015


A.   Important Development and a Good News to some Rohini Scheme registrants: In relation to DDA’s illegal policy of “Rohini Scheme allottee is not entitled to get possession of scheme plot, if he owns a residential flat/plot now”, after vigorous & persistent follow up of by “Rahul Gupta & Team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com” with all concerning officials/ authorities since last 7 years and also Rahul Gupta raising the issue recently in Hon’ble Supreme Court, the DDA was compelled to make amendments in this illegal policy provisions.


According to the new amendment in the Rohini Scheme policy, to the best of our assessment & understanding, “if Rohini scheme allottee is now owner of a residential flat, built on a plot in which his proportionate share of land measures less than 67 sq. mtrs, the scheme allottee is very well entitled to get the allotment of Rohini Scheme plot.” More detail(s) & a clarification can be sought from DDA.


B.   Caution: Among many rumors on various ‘facebook groups’ and also through ‘facebook pages’ & ‘WhatsApp messages’ and otherwise, one rumor is being spread that “Due to health issues, Rahul Gupta will not take up the Rohini Scheme matter in Court, any longer.” Be aware that these are just rumors. Through SMS & mails, Rohini Scheme registrants are also being misguided on various issues of Rohini Scheme and allotments. Please seek a clarification from DDA on these baseless stories/ gossips. However, we will keep on updating you about the important & latest happenings on Rohini Scheme issue on this webpage.


C.   Contempt Petition: As DDA has completely failed to honor the order dated 10.03.2015 of Hon’ble Supreme Court and because of many obstacles (pending and increasing court cases in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court) from land owners of land in Sectors 34, 35, 36 & 37, plots to remaining about 14,000 scheme registrants are not in sight in near future, ‘Rahul Gupta & team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com’ is planning to file an appropriate application and/or Contempt Petition against DDA in coming days. Shockingly, DDA has already submitted to Hon'ble Supreme Court that “it has failed to carry out any development activities on this land since Feb – 2015.”  


Importantly, some of the land in Sector 29, 30 & 34, which DDA claimed earlier as ‘litigation free’, has become ‘under litigation’ now and DDA has abandoned/ halted developing such land.


Not only suggestions are invited from likeminded scheme registrants, we also need volunteers who can do something for themselves as well as for other scheme registrants, relentlessly.


D.   Last Date of making payment against allotted plot: The last date of making payment for allotted plots in Sector 28 (Pocket A3), Sector 29 (Pockets D1, D2 & D3), Sector 30 (Pockets C1 & C2) and Sector 34 (Pockets A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4) was 31.07.2015 and this date has not been extended further, so far.


Team ‘http://dda-rohini.tripod.com

Date: 17.08.2015




Update of 21.07.2015. 
An application of DDA seeking
"Indefinite extension in time to develop for possession of remaining 14,000 plots from Sector 34 [Pocket A3, A4, C5 & C6], 35, 36 & 37 and secondly permission for relieving Mr. Sandeep Mehta, Chief Engineer (Rohini Zone), who was made responsible in person to complete the committed development by July – 2016 and ordered to remain on this seat up to July – 2016 or else, face the fury of the Supreme Court",
has been outrightly rejected by Hon’ble Supreme Court on 20.07.2015.
By giving strict warning, Hon’ble Supreme Court has advised DDA to “fulfil the commitment made to us on 10.03.2015.”
Promised development for about 11,000 plots [in Sectors 28, 29, 30 & 34 (Pocket A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4)] has not been even completed 70% up till now and through this fresh application, DDA has already accepted that “it has not done any development for remaining 14000 plots from Sector 34 (Pocket A3, A4, C5 & C6), 35, 36 & 37 up to now.”
It will be quite interesting to watch the next move of DDA, now.
Allottees who have already deposited total cost of plot and have also completed DDA’s formalities and have not received the possession letters up till now, are once again advised to follow the steps as mentioned on this website through “Updates of 21.04.2015 & 22.05.2015.” Those who have already received the possession letters, are advised to insist on ‘Physical/ Site Possession of Plot” and if facing any problem in getting ‘Physical/ Site Possession of plot’ or if, DDA’s (LSB) branch is asking to deposit any illegal document(s)/ or is requiring to re-deposit ‘already deposited documents’ again and/or seeking illegal clarification(s), all are advised to contact higher DDA/ Ministry officials, following the procedure as already described through “Updates of 21.04.2015 & 22.05.2015 on this website.”
Team ‘http://dda-rohini.tripod.com’

News 01 July 2015



Latest of 30 June 2015

Date of payment extended


Important Update of 19.06.2015:
It is reported that the Bank challans generated from DDA’s website have different ICICI Bank account number from that is/was printed on Demand – cum – Allotment letters sent by DDA to scheme allottee through post. Shockingly, this anomaly has been accepted by Dy. Director (LSB) – Rohini, DDA.
If any scheme allottee has made the payment to DDA after downloading the bank challan from DDA’s website and to the ICICI Bank account number mentioned on such bank challan, he should verify the ICICI Bank account number (printed on challan) with that printed on his Demand – cum – Allotment letter received by him through mail. If the account number is differing and if the payment has been made to this different account number, he should report his case to Dy. Director (LSB) – Rohini, DDA immediately with all relevant proof.

Those allottees who have only generated the Demand - cum - Allotment letters and also Bank Challans (for making the payment to DDA) from DDA's website and have not been delivered a Demand - cum - Allotment letters from DDA, should contact DDA immediately to verify their payments. 
Please be informed that “if the payment is not being reflected in allottees correct DDA’s account, DDA will not issue possession letter to such allottees."

Update 29May2015


Updates of 22.05.2015.

Demanding about 57 hectare (676 Bigha) land back (falling in Sectors 34, 35, 36 & 37), the land owners have filed a Writ in Hon’ble Supreme Court and DDA, Delhi Govt & Union of India have been ordered to file their reply by the Court.

As a result, peripheral (outer) development (Road connectivity and main supply lines of Sewer, Water & Electricity) for the plots already allotted from Sector 34 [Pocket A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4] may get further delayed.

As a result of this new development, DDA may also find it difficult to carry out any development for about 13,000 plots, it allotted from Sector 34 [Pocket A3, A4, C5 & C6] and Sector 35, 36 & 37 and for which the allotment letters are still to be issued by it.

Also, committed internal development of Sector 29 (Pocket D1, D2 & D3), Sector 30 (Pocket C1 & C2) & Sector 34 (Pockets A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4) is either dilapidated or still not complete. Most of already laid internal roads look like ‘better version of Pagdandi’.

The present situation and new development is being reviewed and closely monitored and necessary steps will be taken accordingly & appropriately.

It is apparent that ongoing fight is to be carried out further and volunteers & likely minded scheme registrants are invited to join “team Rahul Gupta & http://dda-rohini.tripod.com”.

Many of you have reported to me that despite of making total payment of plot and also completing DDA’s formalities, DDA has not issued/send the possession letter of allotted plot so far.

It has also been reported by many of you, that DDA is demanding the documents/ papers again, which have already been submitted or DDA is requiring unwarranted clarification(s).

To get redressed your grievances/ concerns, you all are once again advised to follow the steps as mentioned in earlier updates of 21.04.2015 on this webpage.

IMPORTANT: Those lucky allottees, who have received possession letters from DDA, are advised again “not to submit any affidavit of accepting undeveloped plot – having any deficiency of road availability and water sewer lines to the allotted plot”, at the time of taking physical possession of plot. You are also advised to take a photograph of surroundings of your plot.

Rahul Gupta & Team “http://dda-rohini.tripod.com




Update 21April2015

For information of all affected Rohini scheme registrants, link of Hon’ble Supreme Court order dated 10.03.2015 is given hereunder.


1. Those allotteess who have been allotted plots in Sector 28, 29, 30 & 34 [Pocket A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4] and have not yet received the Demand – cum – Allotment letter from DDA so far, are advised to write a letter to DDA immediately.

2. Those allottees who after receiving the Demand – cum – Allotment letters from DDA and have already deposited entire cost of plot and also submitted required documents, but have not received the possession letters so far, are advised to write a letter of their grievance/ concern to The Director (RL), DDA and copy to The Vice Chairman – DDA immediately.

If possession letter or any reply is not received by them in next 20 days, they should send a reminder again to The Vice Chairman, DDA.

Even after sending the reminder to Vice Chairman DDA, if possession letter is not received from DDA in 20 days, by mentioning the complete details, all such allottees are advised to write a letter of their grievance/ concern to Hon’ble Justice J.S.Khehar, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi and copy of this letter should also be sent to Hon’ble Justice S.A.Bobde, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.

3. Because DDA has been ordered and hence is bound to give possession of a developed plot complete with sewer connection, water supply & road approach facilities along with provision of temporary electricity connection, all allottees are advised not to give any affidavit/ undertaking to DDA of accepting an undeveloped plot without these facilities.

Please note that DDA demanding and allottee furnishing such an affidavit/ undertaking shall be totally illegal


4. In case of any type of harassment by any concerned DDA official, all such matter must be reported to The Director (RL), DDA and also to The Vice Chairman, DDA immediately.

5. If any DDA official demands any “BRIBE or SUVIDHA SHULK”, all such matters/ cases must be reported to The Chief Vigilance Officer, DDA and also to The Vice Chairman, DDA immediately.

6. Most of you all must have experienced that for getting any clarification/ information, visit to DDA office is not helpful at all. Allottees get wrong/ incomplete/ illicit verbal replies and details. On subsequent visit on the same  details/ clarification again, either a different answer is given or the person who was during first visit on previous occassion, is not available in DDA office.

For any query or seeking any details/ clarification on Rohini Scheme issue, all are advised to write a letter to The Dy. Director (LSB) – Rohini, DDA and if no reply is received in 20 - 25 days, should follow the steps as mentioned above in para no. 2.

7. All letters to DDA should be sent through Speed Post or Regd Post only. If possible, these letters can also be hand delivered at designated DAK Counter at DDA’s INA office and a proper receipt should be collected.

Rahul Gupta



Please check status of issue

of demand letter at the following

official webpage of DDA


using Application number and Priority number in the new user registration window.

Supreme Court pass strictures on 10March2015

Updates of 01.03.2015.

Through latest affidavit to Hon’ble Supreme Court;

1).   DDA has accepted its failure to honor recent SC direction/ order dated 31.10.2014 of developing about 11,000 plots and handing over the same by 01.03.2015 definitely.

2).   For developing plots/ land for remaining about 13,500 scheme registrants who were allotted plots in Sector 34 [Pocket A4, C5 & C6], Sector 35, 36, 37 & 38, DDA is now talking of “June – 2016, subject to many if and buts.”


For answer to any query, scheme registrants/ allottees are advised to contact DDA.


Scheme allottees are also advised to start thinking of approaching appropriate forum(s) and Court for their concern(s), if any, individually or in a group.


Rahul Gupta



Most Important:    

Those scheme allottees, who were allotted plot in Rohini Sectors 28, 29, 30 & 34 [Pocket A-1, A-2, C-1, C-2, C-3 & C-4] and have received their Demand - cum - Allotment letter so far and have already deposited demanded total cost of plot (in lump sum) with other required papers to DDA, are advised to send the photocopy of their covering letter to DDA they submitted along with payment and DDA acknowledgement slip to Mr. Rahul Gupta through Speed Post immediately on his following address so as to consolidate a data base of the response and follow-up issue of possession letter by DDA.


Rahul Gupta


158 – Munirka Vihar,


New Delhi – 110067.







Through a Public Notice dated 30.01.2015, DDA extended the date of depositing the “First Installment” or optional “Total plot value in lump – sum” with required documents as 16.02.2015 of the Demand – cum – Allotment Letters which were printed on 26th , 27th & 28th  of November, 2014. 


It has been reported that scheme allottees have also received Demand cum Allotment letters which were printed after 01.12.2014 as well. Please note that no date has been extended to such allottees and such allottees are advised to contact DDA immediately for any further clarification. Such allottees are also advised to send photocopy of their Demand – cum – allotment letter to Mr. Rahul Gupta on his mailing address immediately. 




1.    Allottees who have deposited total plot value and submitted required documents are advised to contact/ write DDA seeking “status of handing over of developed plot” to them.



2.    Those scheme registrants, who were allotted the plot in Rohini Sectors 28, 29, 30 & 34 [Pocket A-1, A-2, C-1, C-2, C-3 & C-4] and have not received the allotment letters as yet, not only should contact DDA immediately, they should also inform me.



Team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com


Date: 08.02.2015







Urgent notice to allottees of

Sector 28 (Pocket A3), Sector 29 (Pocket D1, D2 & D3), Sector 30 (Pocket C1 & C2) & Sector 34 Pocket A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4) and all those allottees who have already received demand letter.







Updates of 08.12.2014


Lots of confusion/ misconception is being created by vested interest people among Rohini scheme allottees who have received the allotment – cum – demand letters up to now and/or will receive these in coming time. Challengeable requirement by DDA in the form of ‘affidavit & declaration’ has added fuel to these confusion as well.


In the case of owning a residential property now, the entitlement of plot from scheme registration, to the best of our information & knowledge, was very well informed to all of you through our “updates of 12.07.2012 on http://dda-rohini.tripod .com” earlier.


Once again, to the best of our knowledge & information, it should be clear to all that “if a scheme registrant (including his spouse & dependent minor children) was not owning any residential property of 65/67 sq mtrs at the time of making the application under Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 and if he and/or his spouse has purchased/ inherited/ gifted or even allotted a plot/ flat by DDA in past 33 years, as per various judgments of Hon’ble competent court(s), already in force and valid up to the date, DDA can’t cancel allotment of 26/32/48/60/90 sq. mtr plot against his Rohini Scheme registration, to him and he/ she is entitled for allotment of plot against his/her Rohini Residential Scheme registration.”


Following may be of help to you as well:

1.    Requirement of “undertaking & affidavit” at serial No. 2.   This affidavit has already been submitted by almost all at the time of making the application in 1981 and should be submitted afresh as original registrant is submitting today with the facts/ conditions prevailed in 1981. However, in case of a mutation case, the mutattee has to submit details prevailing on the date of applying for the mutation of application/ registration in his/her name, which he should have already submitted to DDA.


Following para should be incorporated by the original applicant in this affidavit:

) ).  That after making the application under Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981, in last 33/ ## years and up to the date of submitting this affidavit, neither I, nor my spouse and/or dependent children have been allotted a residential property in Delhi, New Delhi or Delhi Cantonment by DDA directly. [Note : In case of mutattee, paragraph should be changed accordingly]


2.  Requirement of “Ownership proof” at serial No. 7.  In view of above, there should be no problem in submitting appropriate proofs of ownership of a property purchased after 1981. If possible, a proof of previous owner(s) should also be deposited/ submitted.


3.  Requirement of “Clarification ……” at serial No. 8.  In view of above, mention the fact(s) of your case.


To Hon’ble Supreme Court, DDA committed to issue/ send allotment letters of Sector 28 (Pocket A3), Sector 29 (Pocket D1, D2 & D3), Sector 30 (Pocket C1 & C2) & Sector 34 ( Pocket A1, A2, C1, C2, C3 & C4) by the end of November – 2014, positively.  If an alottee from these Sector/ Pocket has not received the letters from DDA up to now and other allottees who have been allotted plot in other Sectors/ Pockets, are advised to approach DDA individually and/or in a group and start thinking of approaching appropriate forum(s) and Court for any of their concern(s).


In covering letter of submitting the documents and sending any letter to DDA in future, please consider mentioning following para:


It is a fact that SLP(C): 16385 - 88/ 2012 [Rahul Gupta v/s DDA] on the issue of allotment & handing over of applied size & fully developed plot with suitable compensation to all waiting Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 registrants, including me, is not yet finally decided and hence disposed of by Hon’ble Supreme Court up to now. Hence, my acceptance of offered/ allotted plot by DDA to me is subject to final outcome in pending SLP (C): 16385-88/2012 and also without prejudice to my claim of fully developed and applied size plot as per the scheme with suitable compensation.


Note: Above suggestions hold no responsibilities & bindings, whatsoever, on Mr. Rahul Gupta and team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com. It is advised that “before submitting any document(s), affidavit(s) etc to DDA on above lines”, an expert should be consulted.


Rahul Gupta may think of taking up the cases with DDA of those scheme registrants/ allottees, who after depositing the payment in lump-sum (in one installment) and completing other formalities as per DDA’s requirement up to 31.12.2014 or 01.03.2015, are harassed by DDA and does not get possession of their plots from DDA as per DDA’s commitment.  


Rahul Gupta & Team “http://dda-rohini.tripod.com”
Date: 08.12.

Update of 03.12.2014:


Congratulations to those who have received “Allotment cum Demand Letters” from DDA.


Through this demand letter, DDA has required the plot payment to be made in installment as well as an option has been given to make the payment in one installment. I/ we would recommend making the payment in one installment and complete the remaining formalities immediately so that DDA is compelled to handover possession of fully developed plot to you (except the electricity) by 31.12.2014 or before 01.03.2015, as mentioned in DDA’s letter and committed to Hon’ble Supreme Court.


Important: In covering letter and any further communication with DDA, please consider writing/ mentioning following paragraph.


It is a fact that SLP(C): 16385 - 88/ 2012 [Rahul Gupta v/s DDA] on the issue of allotment & handing over of applied size & fully developed plot with suitable compensation to all waiting Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 registrants, including me, is not yet finally decided and hence not yet disposed of by Hon’ble Supreme Court up to now. Hence, my acceptance of offered/ allotted plot by DDA to me is subject to final outcome in pending SLP (C): 16385-88/2012 and also without prejudice to my claim of fully developed and applied size plot as per the scheme with suitable compensation.


IMPORTANT:    Those scheme registrants who have not yet received the “Demand cum Allotment Letters” from DDA or do not receive the same in next 3-4 days, are advised to contact DDA and start thinking of knocking the door of appropriate forum(s) or Hon’ble Court(s), individually or in a group, for their concern(s) and as per their convenience.


Rahul Gupta & Team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com
Date: 03.12.2014



Latest of 02October2014

Remembering father of the Nation on this day and walking along the memories of the freedom struggle as told to us by our parents and as we learnt during our school days and as imagined while a visit to the Raj Ghat and the Gandhi museum.

In a letter dated 05.08.2014 to DERC, while seeking approvals of recently submitted 20 electricity schemes of plotted pockets in Sectors 28, 29 & 30, DDA has accepted that “3700 plots (from Sector 28, 29 & 30) allotted recently (on 12.06.2012 & 09.11.2012) to scheme registrants are under litigation.”


Importantly, through affidavit dated 08.07.2014 in Supreme Court, DDA submitted earlier that “because of litigation with land owners, no development is taking place in Sector 34(part), 35, 36 & 37” and hence that implies no development activity is being carried out for about 17,000 plots already allotted to scheme registrants.


Hence, it is apparent that almost all plots allotted to Rohini scheme registrants through draw dated 12.06.2012 & 09.11.2012 are pending litigation at court(s) now.


Through this letter DDA has also accepted that plots allotted to scheme registrants in past (between 2003 & 2007) from Sector 28, 29 & 30 are still un-electrified. Through a tender dated 26.08.2014, DDA has now invited bids for laying internal sewer lines in plotted pockets of Sector 29 & 30 from which the plots were allotted in 2003 & 2007. Clearly, this proves DDA allotted, collected payment of plot and handed over undeveloped plot to  and further as on date these plotted pockets are still remaining undeveloped even after 7-11 years.


It is apparent that DDA may not be able to implement “interim order dated 08.07.2014 of SC” and deliver accordingly even in near future and we have to keep fighting for our legitimate right(s).


Suggestions are invited from allottees, and more than suggestions, dedicated volunteers are also invited to join “team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com.”


Team "http://dda-Rohini.trpod.com"



Latest of 08.08.2014


Through a draw on 08.08.2014, 750 waitlisted [639 LIG & 119 EWS] scheme registrants have been allotted a plot number by DDA. Please check the result on DDA’s website.


DDA may send “provisional allotment letter” to these allottees mentioning the details of allotted plot and asking to deposit documents for verification & genuineness on their “address in DDA record.” Even if no letter is received from DDA, such allottees are advised to visit DDA office at INA, New Delhi and submit required documents immediately.


Please note that these allotted plots are recently carved out on raw land and are totally undeveloped and hence are not likely to be handed over to the allottees in next 2-3 years.


Most Important:

According to DDA, by conducting this draw of 750 plots, all the applicants of Rohini Residential Scheme - 1981 have been allotted plots and the scheme now stands closed. 


If any scheme registrant is not allotted a plot up to this draw of 08.08.2014, they must report the omission and their concern through a letter addressed to the VC, DDA immediately and details may also be reported to Shri. Rahul Gupta on his mail ID i.e. cipherbox@hotmail.com.


Team http://dda-rohini.tripod.com

= = = = =




Good news to those LIG & EWS scheme registrants, who were left out during the allotment made on 12 June2012. 

DDA is planning to conduct a draw of lot of plots for 744 leftover scheme registrants on 08.August.2014.

Apparently, through this proposed draw of lot, leftover LIG & EWS scheme registrants will be allotted a plot number on provisional basis.


Leftover LIG& EWS scheme registrants are advised to check the result on DDA’s website after 08.08.2014.


However, if any leftover MIG or LIG or EWS scheme registrant is not allotted a plot even in this draw scheduled on 08.08.2014, they must report the omission to the VC, DDA immediately and details may also be reported to Shri. Rahul Gupta on his mail ID i.e. cipherbox@hotmail.com.


Team http://www.dda-rohini.tripod.com



Proceedings on 08July2014:

As per  "interim order” dated 08.07.2014 of Hon’ble Supreme Court, “DDA is required to send the "Demand Letter" against “Developed Plot” to all 24,529 scheme registrants allotted plots on 12.06.2012, within period of 4 months from the date of issue of this order.


Further the court observed in this order that

 “If, for any reason, the respondents(DDA) fail to comply with the order passed by us, we will not hesitate to initiate appropriate contempt proceedings against the responsible/erring officials/officers of the D.D.A.”


Ground reality is that as explained by DDA themselves to High Court of Delhi earlier,  “development” on plots allotted on 12.06.2012, is less than 70% complete in sector 28, 29 & 30 and less than 20% complete in Sector 34, 35, 36 & 37.


I see this “interim order of Supreme Court” as one step further in achieving our goal. At the same time, I may be wrong but I fear no plot being handed over to waiting Rohini Scheme registrants in short future.


Next date of hearing of pending SLP case has been given as 18November2014.


Rahul Gupta




Update of Court proceedings on 29.04.2014: 

Now DDA has admitted that “the most of the Rohini land already allotted to scheme registrants in 2012 is disputed and badly affected due to the Apex Court’s Stay orders” and placed relevant documents in the Court.  

DDA has also disclosed that “it is finding difficulties in developing the Rohini Land/plots, already committed to Hon’ble High Court and reiterated to the Hon’ble Supreme Court as well”, which were allotted to scheme registrants in 2012. 

Hon’ble Supreme Court took a serious note of such acceptance & revelations by DDA now, after 2 years of High Court order dated 14.03.2012. 

Why these people have been allotted the disputed land/ plots?

Why these people are not being allotted dispute free land of Rohini and land/ plots somewhere else?

These people have already waited unprecedentedly for 33 years.

Some may have even died and some may be of 80+ years of age now.

You come out with a clean proposal and do something immediately; else we will pass the orders in favor of the petitioner, were the remarks of the Hon’ble Judges.


Learned Counsel Prashant Bhushan ji, not only reminded the Court of “previous repeated wrong submissions of DDA of - no dispute on land being allotted to scheme registrants”, he raised serious objections on DDA’s approach. He appraised the court that the Rohini land is being illegally diverted and allotted for commercial purpose.  

Due to shortage of time, the proceedings were incomplete and Court will hear the matter after summer vacations. 

In view of above, getting possession of applied size & developed plot from DDA is not in sight for next 4- 5 years. As already advised some time back, all “elderly scheme registrants” are advised once again to transfer your scheme registration in the name of a young family member now. 

Times of India (Delhi) has carried a related news, apparently with distorted/ wrong heading, on 7th page of its 30th April - 2014 edition and the same must be read in conjunction with above facts of the case/court date.  

Rahul Gupta


Latest of 25.02.2014:





Due to “Excess matters/ Compelling reasons”, Rohini Scheme PIL case was not heard on 25.02.2014 at Hon’ble Supreme Court. As per the information available on Supreme Court’s website, the PIL case will be heard on 29.04.2014.


Also, in a RTI reply, DDA has accepted that it has completely failed to provide electricity for plots in plotted clusters in Sectors 28, 29 & 30, those have already been allotted to Rohini scheme registrants between 2003 & 2007.  According to this RTI reply, DDA has not yet allotted the land for installing the transformers/ sub-stations and hence it has failed to start the initial process of providing electricity in these plotted pockets/ sectors.


Rahul Gupta



Update of
On account of 'no time left', the ongoing Rohini Scheme PIL case was not heard on 21.Jan.2014 and
the case is now listed for 25.Feb.2014.

Team ‘http://dda-rohini.tripod.com”
Pls also visit the following link for a report on our case



Update of 24Dec2013
Peaceful Protest organized on
23.12.2013 at DDA.
In view of various & only
unfulfilled assurance to waiting
scheme registrants and to Hon’ble
Delhi High Court as well as to
Hon’ble Supreme Court,for
awakening DDA - a peaceful protest
was organized by “Rohini Scheme
Association, Dashrath Puri, New
Delhi” at DDA INA office on
23.12.2013 and was attended by a
large number of affected scheme
registrants including their family
You are already aware that DDA has
merely “provisionally allotted” a
plot number to 24,658 scheme
registrants so far and about 650
scheme registrants are yet to be
allotted plot number provisionally
and due to freshly erupted dispute
with land owners (admitted by DDA
in a RTI reply), getting
possession of fully developed plot
is not in sight for next 4-5 years
to any of the scheme registrants.
Because DDA allotted the reduced
size (which was done illegally by
it in 1999) and undeveloped plots
and the plots are located on
disputed land, the matter is also
now pending at Supreme Court,
Rahul Gupta gave details of
pending case at Supreme Court to
the audience.
As scheme registrants have been
denied a dream plot by DDA for 33
years and there is no sign as to
how many more years, scheme
registrants will wait to get
possession of Applied Size &
Developed Plot from DDA and
because the case is pending at
Supreme Court and a final decision
is yet to be made, a memorandum/
appeal has already been sent to
Hon’ble President requesting him
to give appropriate directions to
concerning authorities to provide
immediate justice to affected
scheme registrants. Similar
appeals to other dignitaries will
be sent shortly.
It was also decided that until
justice is provided, such Peaceful
Protest will be organized
regularly at DDA and at other
places to highlight “Goonda Gardi
of DDA” and awakening DDA.
Dainik Jagran & Rashtriya Sahara
NEWS papers have already carried
out articles on “protest at DDA on
23.12.2013” in their periodicals
on 24.12.2013.
Next such Peaceful Protest is
planned at DDA’s  INA office on
09.01.2014 (Thursday) at 01.30 PM.
[Meeting/ gathering point:
Visitor’s Car Parking at DDA
You all, including your known
concerned & affected scheme
registrants, are requested to come
with an “artificial Rose flower –
without any fragrance” which will
be an “honor” to DDA & its
officials from scheme registrants
for making us fool for 33 years
and make this protest a grand
success. You may also carry/ bring
a placard – detailing your
concerns including what you feel
about DDA, what DDA has done so
far for Rohini Scheme and its
waiting registrants.

Call for Peaceful Protest at DDA Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi on Monday the 23.December.2013 at 02.00 PM.

Since, DDA is playing its old tricks of duping the scheme registrants and Court(s) afresh and as the physical possession of plot is not in sight in near future, it has been decided that a memorandum/ representation, detailing “DDA’s Gonda Gardi of last 33 years, repeated unfulfilled/ wrong/ fake assurances & commitment to Hon’ble Court(s) in last 4 years and other concerns of scheme registrants”, requesting to make arrangements to handover applied size and fully developed plots at the earliest, should be made to Hon’ble President of India and other concerning dignitaries and a peace protest/ demonstration should be organized at DDA.


The venue date and time of the same is as follows:-

Peace Protest/ Demonstration at DDA Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi

on 23.12.2013

at 02.00 PM

to awaken DDA and also highlight the issue afresh in print & electronic media.

During this Peace Protest/ Demonstration, the waiting scheme registrants can also
sign & endorse
“Proposed Memorandum/ Representation to

Hon’ble President of India.”  

All, concerned & affected scheme registrants, are requested to join this Peace Protest/ Demonstration at DDA in large number and make this protest impressive.

You may also carry/ bring a placard – detailing your concerns including what you feel about DDA, what DDA has done so far for Rohini Scheme and its waiting registrants.  

Venue: DDA – Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi. (in front of main entry gate at D-Block)

Date:  23.12.2013

Time:  02.00 PM


Team “dda-rohini.tripod.com” & “Rohini Scheme Association – Dashrath Puri (Dwarka), New Delhi”


Important :

For immediate attention of all


It has come to knowledge that some persons faking as DDA/ Govt official (some also in khaki uniform) holding a list of scheme allottees are visiting the allottees and claiming that “they are doing a survey as DDA is requiring consent to send the allotment letter for undeveloped plots.”
Be aware that DDA has not deployed any of their employee/ volunteer for such purpose and DDA does not indulge in such type of illegal survey or have no interest in the said consent from allottees. If DDA needs any such consent, DDA will issue a letter at your mailing address. Purpose of such fake survey & seeking consent is suspicious. Please ask for the photocopy of identity card and take a photo of such fake DDA employees from your mobile and report the matter to DDA & Police immediately. 

In fact this is a mischief played by the touts who have promissed good value to some gullible allottees( "Parchey Bhikhna in Hindi") and now as they do not have the upfront payout money, and hence  trying to fake a haste among the allottees for possession  undeveloped plot and create a false influence on DDA.

Please note that as per the orders/guidelines issued by of Hon’ble Delhi High Court as well as of Hon’ble Supreme Court, DDA cannot send any demand letter for undeveloped plot. Also note that for your information, in another case, DDA has not yet sent any demand letter of about 700 still under construction flats of DDA Housing Scheme - 2010, which were allotted through a draw on 18.04.2011. Recently through an affidavit in Supreme Court, DDA has again submitted that “it has not yet handed over any undeveloped plot or flat to anyone.”


Pending Villager’s petition at Supreme Court  consequesnt stay order issued on about 1200 acre Rohini Scheme land of Sector 34, 35, 36 & 37, all development in these sectors has come to a dead halt. Through an affidavit in Supreme Court, DDA has submitted that about 3000 plots are still to be demarcated in Sector 36 & 37. 
Land planned to lay the main Sewer & Water connectivity for Sectors 28, 29, 30 & 32 is under dispute and either a via media is being worked out or land is being acquired afresh and hence allotted (on paper) plots in these sectors will also remain undeveloped. Also, there is no visible development on the front of electricity connection for allotted (on paper) plots.  

Rahul Gupta




Dear waiting Rohini Scheme registrants, 

Wishing you and your family

a very Happy & Prosperous Dipawali.

According to the information on Supreme Court website, pending case [Rahul Gupta v/s DDA] is listed for hearing on 21.01.2014. 

Team ‘dda-rohini.tripod.com’.


Latest on 21.10.2013

For arguments, (most probably concluding or final arguments), Hon’ble Supreme Court has ordered to list the ongoing PIL case [W.P.(C): 16385/2012; Rahul Gupta v/s DDA] in the month of January, 2014.

Exact date will be announced shortly and will be informed to you all accordingly.

Rahul Gupta


Latest on 21.09.2013


Next date for hearing of the pending PIL at

Hon’ble Supreme Court is 21.10.2013.


DDA allotted hundreds of plots in 2003, 2004,

2005 & 2007 to Rohini Scheme registrants and

has collected entire plot value. Most

shockingly, majority of these allotted plots

are still undeveloped and un-inhabitable.

Photocopies of these allotment letters (at

least one for every year said above) are

required for proving the status of “un-

inhabitable condition” of these allotted plots

even after 6-10 years of allotment and even

after collecting total plot value.


Those who can arrange such allotment letters

may send neatly done photocopy of such

allotment letter(s) to Shri Rahul Gupta at his

mailing address only through ordinary post.


Rahul Gupta

158 – Munirka Vihar,


New Delhi – 110067


Latest of 05.09.2013


Supreme Court 
Hearing on PIL listed in post lunch session

Because Hon’ble SC bench was busy in  other important work after lunch and on account of 'no time left', the ongoing Rohini Scheme PIL case was not heard.


New date will be announced for hearing of pending PIL case at Supreme Court on Rohini Residential Scheme.


Rahul Gupta




Latest of 01.08.2013:


Because both the designated Hon’ble Judges are part of the Constitution Bench at the Apex Court which is functional since 23.07.2013, the SLP/ case [Rahul Gupta V/s DDA] which was fixed for 25.07.2013, has not been taken up for the hearing/ decision so far.

Latest of 13.07.2013:


According to the latest information received through RTI from Delhi Police/ DDA, about 1700 Bigha (approx. 145 hectare) Rohini Scheme land falling in Sectors 34, 35, 36 & 37 is directly affected because of recent interim Stay on Rohini Land by Hon’ble Supreme Court and this land either has been allotted by DDA directly to the Rohini Scheme registrants and/or is meant for laying the mandatory services to allotted plots. As a result, all ongoing development works for Rohini Scheme allottees as well as those carried out by DDA for any other purpose in these Rohini Sectors has come to a halt.


Also, because of the long pending dispute on Rohini Land, DDA has informed the Court that out of total allotted 7592 plots of different sizes from Sector 36 & 37 to Rohini Scheme registrants, physical demarcation of 4316 plots only have been completed so far. Hence, 3276 plots, which have already been allotted to scheme registrants, are still to be physically demarcated by DDA and this information is of great concern. Apparently, about 1234 plots in Pocket C1 & C2 of Sector 36 and about 2042 plots in different Pockets of Sector 37 are yet to be physically demarcated by DDA, a mandatory requirement before making any allotment. Those scheme registrants, who have been allotted the plots in these sectors / pockets, are advised to write a letter to the DDA seeking the “present status of allotted plot” to them.


It would be important to note that through 2 different land acquisition notices isssued under the provision of Section 6 of Land Acquisition act in recent past, the Land & Building Department of NCT of Delhi has re-initiated the process of acquiring the same land again for DDA’s Rohini Residential Scheme, part of which land already stands allotted by DDA to 1981 Scheme registrants in past 8-9 years including those allotted on draw date 12.06.2012 & 09.11.2012 in response to the Hon’ble Delhi High Court order dated 14.03.2012. DDA had already planned to develop on this land mandatory services of water & sewer connectivity for many Rohini Sectors including Sector 28, 29, 30 & 32. Hence, previously allotted plots (between year 2004 & 2009) as well as recently allotted plots in Sectors 28, 29, 30 & 32 for 1981 Rohini Residential Scheme registrants will remain UN-INHABITABLE for many more years to come by virtue of the latest SC order.


Rahul Gupta



Latest of 15.06.2013:



It is apparent that DDA may not handover even undeveloped plot in next 3-4 years and a getting a developed plot may not be possible in next 5-6 years. DDA has allotted plot number on provisional basis of reduced size & undeveloped plot to majority of remaining scheme registrants and 700 registrants are still to be allotted a plot number. It is also apparent that the recent stay from the Hon’ble Supreme court is a handy work of DDA to gain more time and hoodwink the court as well as the scheme registrants.



To highlight the issue afresh in the Print & Electronic Media, hundreds of you have suggested me to organize a series of Protest/ Dharna at DDA office before the next date at Supreme Court in July. Because I am litigant against DDA on the Rohini Scheme issue, I have reservations to take part in such protest etc. However, such types of activities can be organized/ arranged/ attended by any individual scheme registrant or group and I will be more than happy to see “any such like minded group coming forward for the cause and doing something”.



IMPORTANT: Many scheme registrants have already died waiting for a plot from DDA and claimant of such registrants are facing difficulties in getting the scheme registration mutated in their name.

Most of remaining registrants are already 70+ years old and due to age factor, some of us may not see own house on a plot in life time, which we booked with DDA in 1981, and to avoid any inconvenience to family members/ legal claimant, it is suggested that you may start thinking of transferring your scheme registration to a family member (who does not own any residential property in Delhi) in your life time. Please note and be informed that if the scheme registrant/ mutatee is alive and if he/she wish to transfer the scheme registration to a family member, the process is simple and less cumbersome. You are advised to take proper legal opinion on this issue from an expert.


 Rahul Gupta




Consequent to the latest development (Stay by Hon’ble Supreme Court on Rohini Scheme land of Phase – IV & V), it is apparent that DDA will not deliver even the undeveloped plot by December –2014 due to many excuses(legally untenable). Now DDA cannot demand any money from Rohini registrants for provisionally allotted plot - until these are fully developed.

Hence, for some more time we all have to be satisfied with mere paper allotment of plot. By allotting a plot number, which is again on ‘provisional basis’ to about 24,700 waiting scheme registrants, DDA has merely hoodwinked the registrants. And about 700 scheme registrants are still waiting for even the provisional allotment.

My prayer with the judiciary for ordering DDA to allot (1)applied size and, (2)fully developed plots from already developed/semi-developed Sectors as well as (3) award suitable compensation, is pending at the Hon'ble Supreme Court for order. I am excitedly waiting for the next date at Hon’ble Supreme Court while keeping a close watch on any further related developments in between.

Most interestingly, the villagers [petitioner(s) in SC] of Barwala/ Rohini area are now demanding the land back to them which was acquired between 2003 & 2004 from them and handed over to DDA for Rohini Residential Scheme Phase – IV & V and compensation for this acquired land was awarded in 2005. Having already collected happily the awarded compensation, these villagers have filed cases for enhanced compensation now.

Not only DDA has already allotted this land to Rohini Scheme registrants and thousands of EWS flats for resettlement of Jhuggi dwellers and factory workers which are half way constructed, it has already planned additional several thousands of LIG & MIG flats on this land for general public. DDA has plans to allot more Rohini land to various Govt. agencies for housing purposes and also to build thousands of EWS/ LIG flats for resettlement of Jhuggi dwellers and other weaker sections of society in co-operation with Delhi Govt under various central Govt. ‘Awas Yojna’/ schemes. DDA has plans to corner thousands of crores of rupees from commercial plans/ projects/ activities on this land and the land in question is also being used for an important corridor i.e. between Narela to Gurgaon via Bakkarwala, Najafgarh& Dwarka.

It will be interesting to observe, what the Delhi Govt (who acquired the land), DDA, Ministry of Urban Development defend the villagers'case ? DDA and Govt are in deep trouble.

Good news for the scheme registrants who have already arranged a house in Delhi on their own and are fearing of getting cancelled the allotted plot or scheme registration on account of ‘already owning a property in Delhi.’ In one more case recently, the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has turned down a decision of DDA of cancelling the Rohini scheme registration on account of ‘already owning/ arranging a flat/ house (without getting it allotted by DDA).’

Rahul Gupta




01.05.2013 at Hon’ble Supreme Court:


As directed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and as expected by us, by not giving any time to us to file our rejoinder before the court date of 01.05.2013, DDA handed over to us a “vague & improper status Report” at the last moment i.e. on 30.04.2013.  

By stating the details of already carried out (negligible) development and by taking unconstitutional and thus challengeable excuses, the new deadline for completing the required development has been stated as “December – 2014 with a condition of no further hindrances from any side”.


A detailed news item carried out by Navbharat Times (Delhi edition dt. 01.05.2013) on DDA’s Status Report is reproduced hereunder.




However, there were brief arguments and our learned Advocate Prashant Bhushan ji reiterated our earlier stand/ saying of “DDA is making mockery of the constitution by submitting falls and illegal affidavits and also by disowning its own various earlier assurances/ submissions/ affidavits of completing the development definitely by December-2012, May-2013, September-2013 etc etc.”


Since, no time was left for completing the arguments and proceedings on 01.05.2013, now the PIL case at Hon’ble Supreme Court will be listed for further decisive arguments after the summer vacation.



Update 02April2013


On 31.03.2013, a meet of “team dda-rohini.tripod.com” was attended by 40+ like-minded members and also the scheme registrants, some came even from far-off places to attend the meet. 


Rahul Gupta appraised about the latest on the issue,

1.                Status of committed development – which DDA is supposed to complete by May 2013 definitely,

2.                What DDA intends to do?,

3.                Status of the PIL case at Delhi High Court as well as at the Supreme Court and

4.                Future course of action.

Fruitful open discussion was held on all points relating to the scheme including, size of plot, rate of land and where the scheme registrants stand.


It was unanimously resolved & decided that the present fight will continue till all the scheme registrants are allotted applied size & fully developed plot with suitable compensation,

Fight will also continue till the plots with mandatory services are not handed over to all scheme registrants. 


Because DDA has failed to fulfill its own various commitments including ‘allotment of plot to all remaining scheme registrants’ and has even failed to comply with various High Court order(s) and also because the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has already given the liberty to the petitioner to file a separate application and file contempt against DDA and its officials, it was unanimously resolved & decided that a fresh PIL or appropriate application, seeking direction on other leftover important issue(s) and/ or application of initiating contempt of court will be raised/ filed before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court and/or Hon’ble Supreme Court, at appropriate time.


Rahul Gupta has agreed to extend his knowledge, expertise & help to the scheme registrants, who are  members of “team dda-rohini.tripod.com”, on Rohini scheme related matters/ problems.


Team dda-rohini.tripod.com


Happy Holi


Team “dda-rohini.tripod.com" wishes Happy Holi to all Rohini scheme registrants.

 Team “dda-rohini.tripod.com" appreciates the care taken by registrants to preserve DDA’s Public Notice of seeking acceptance of reduced size plot and thanks for helping the team with a copy of the same in response to request.

 Even after a year, DDA has failed to call for demand of payment against (24,529 + 139) Nos. plots  (undeveloped and reduced size) allotted on 12.06.2012, in light of Delhi High Court order dated 14.03.2012. Also, there is no sign of allotment of plot to leftover scheme registrants as assured immediately by DDA then. Further on surveying the site it is observed that completing the mandatory developmental work on the allotted plots appears definitely impossible by May 2013 as promised by DDA.

Land for execution of mandatory services, in newly demarcated pockets, still remains under encroachment of some sort and DDA rights on these lands are facing challenge in court. Tenders for many developmental works are still to be called for. Ground realities of  developmental work are totally different, from what is being presented by DDA in the court and it is feared that DDA will seek more time for completing the same. Most shockingly, even the plots allotted between 2004 & 2009, are still remaining undeveloped. Judging by the pace, it appears that the first batch of fully developed plots (June2012 allotment) cannot be delivered over a long time from now.

Although, ‘interim application of additional prayer in already disposed of writ’ has again been disposed of at Delhi High Court, the Hon’ble bench at Delhi High Court has given the liberty to the petitioner “for filing an independent writ petition, seeking the same relief which he has sought by way of this application.” Because, various promises made by DDA have already gone flat and numerous High Court orders/ directions have not been complied with, filing contempt petition against DDA and its officials is already available to the petitioner Rahul Gupta.

After the argument of about 2 hours and 15 minutes on previous date, Hon’ble Supreme Court directed DDA to file the status of development, and the next date fixed for further hearing is 01.05.2013.


Team dda-rohini.tripod.com





Dear Rohini Scheme (MIG) registrants


“In 1999, DDA released some Public Notice, inviting application from MIG scheme registrants (who opted for a bigger plot of 90 mtrs as first preference) to give their consent for allotment of a 60 mtrs plot. 

Scarcity of land was cited as reason for not able to allot 90 sq mtr plot then and it was assured that the scheme registrant, who consented  for the allotment of 60 sq. Mtr plot, will be allotted 60 sq mtr plot early on priority.”


Many waiting scheme registrant opted for this option.


If you happen topreserve the copy of this Public Notice, I would be thankful to you for forwarding this immediately to me. 


Send scanned copy through mail on my e-mail address or post the photocopy of such DDA Notice on my mailing address.  




Rahul Gupta

158 – Munirka Vihar,

New Delhi – 110067.

Mob: 9811071782

Mail ID: cipherbox@hotmail.com




Update of 14.02.2013:

 Proceedings in Hon’ble Supreme Court

DDA submitted application seeking extension of time till Sept-2013 for completing the development and other codal formalities of allotment including handing over the possession of plot by May-2013 earlier committed in Hon’ble Delhi HC.



After a debate of about 2 hour and 15 minutes by eminent lawyer Shri Prashant Bhushan ji representing the petitioner Rahul Gupta for Rohini Scheme registrants, DDA was ordered to update the status of mandatory development, on its commitment in Delhi High Court through affidavit dated 06.03.2012 which was then accepted by the Hon’ble HC in light of DDA’s previous affidavit dated 05.09.2011 (making a draw, issuing demand cum allotment letter, collecting the money and completing the related Codal formalities, completing the committed mandatory development and finally handing over the possession of a fully developed plot definitely by May - 2013) and by virtue of the said affidavit, the Delhi High Court order dated 14.03.2012 permitted DDA to allot reduced size and undeveloped plot.

Now, the SLP (challenging the Hon’ble Delhi High Court order dated 14.03.2012) is listed for further hearing on 01.05.2013 in the Apex Court.


During the debate in SC, as per oral submission of DDA’s counsel in the Court room, it is most likely that the sale rate of land to scheme registrants is likely to be minimum Rs. 25,000/- per Sq. Mtrs and this issue can be challenged individually as well as in a group in Delhi High Court.


Likeminded  individual(s) or group of scheme registrant who want to fight for the fair rates of plot with DDA, Shri Rahul Gupta will extend all support and his expertise to such individual(s) or group(s). Willing Scheme registrant(s) are requested to contact Rahul Gupta only on his mail address (cipherbox@hotmail.com) for any assistance or information.


One group led by Shri Vipin Kumar Gautama (Mobile No. 9810297800) is working aggressively to fight the issue of fair rate with DDA for the benefit of individual scheme registrant(s). Likeminded and willing MIG & LIG scheme registrants(s) who want to fight for fair plot rate issue with DDA for ensuring such benefits on individual basis can contact Shri Gautama immediately for further clarification and becoming a member of his group.


wishes all Scheme Registrants Seasons Greetings and a very Happy New Year.


Latest of 12.12.2012:


After listening in length to renowned counsel Shri Prashant Bhushan ji, who is representing the petitioner Shri Rahul Gupta, Hon’ble bench at Supreme Court of Hon’ble Justice Dattu ji and Hon’ble Justice Prasad ji has listed the SLP for 2nd week of February – 2013 for final hearing in SLP (Civil) no. 16385/2012 pending a verdict.


As suggested on 12.07.2012, those scheme registrants/ mutatees including their dependents, who owns a residential plot/ flat/ house in Delhi and/or are living in Delhi in a house/ flat purchased from open market (not allotted to them by DDA) or gifted to them or transferred to them due to inheritance, must clarify in all correspondences/ affidavits to DDA that “the property, they are living in/owning, is not allotted to them directly by DDA” as the case may be.


1.    Against DDA's own promise on 12.06.2012 to allott the plots to remaining scheme registrants within 3 months,  about 800 scheme registrants of MIG, LIG & EWS category are not yet been allotted. Those who have not been allotted the plots so far are advised to appeal in writing to the Vice Chairman - DDA, requesting to honour the commitment made in Delhi High Court.


2.    Against DDA's own promise in High Court to begin dispatch of the allotment cum demand letters within 4 months of date of draw, already 6 months have passed, but the demand cum allotment letters have not been dispatched by DDA so far. Those who have been allotted the plots, are advised to apeal in writing to Vice Chairman – DDA, reminding him of commitment made in Delhi High Court and to dispatch the demand cum allotment letters immediately.


IMPORTANT: It is in the interest of all registrants that in all communication with DDA, they affirm the following:-

 “My acceptance of allotted plot No. #### Pocket ### Sector ### to me through Rohini scheme draw dated ##.##.2012 against my Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 application no. ###### is subject to the final outcome of pending SLP (civil) No. 16385/2012 at Hon’ble Supreme Court and pending CM No. 3182/2012 in PIL W.P.(C): 8765/2009 at Hon’ble Delhi High Court.”


This shall bind DDA to obey the court orders uniformly to all registrants.


Volunteers are welcome to join team “dda-rohini.tripod.com” and can contact on mail ID cipherbox@hotmail.com & syn@engineer.com.




Team ‘DDA-rohini.tripod.com’ wishes all Scheme Registrants a Very Very Happy & Prosperous Diwali.


Latest of 11.11.2012:


Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on Rohini Residential Scheme is listed for hearing/ decision at Hon’ble Supreme Court on 23.11.2012. 


We hope that the Hon’ble Supreme Court will Direct with standing orders to DDA to allot applied size and fully developed plot to all waiting scheme registrants at the earliest.


On 09.11.2012, DDA has conducted a draw of 139 plots of 60 sq. mtrs to leftover MIG scheme registrants. Apparently, these “now successful registrants” were not considered for allotment of a plot on 12.06.2012, because DDA suspected that these applicants were allotted a residential property or flat by DDA through its previous housing schemes. DDA has made it clear that “The allotment of plot to scheme applicants, who have been allotted the plot on 09.11.2012, is subject to confirmation of allotment of flats on various Schemes.”


All those waiting MIG registrants who were not allotted the plots on 12.06.2012 are advised to visit/ contact DDA immediately to know the details of plot allotted to them and/or latest status of their scheme registration.


Unfortunate MIG scheme registrants, who have not been allotted a residential property/ flat by DDA through its past housing schemes and not declared successful for a plot through draw of 09.11.2012, are advised to contact Mr. Rahul Gupta on cipherbox@hotmail.com giving complete details of their scheme registration and correspondence made with DDA in recent past.



Update 01Nov 2013


Dear waiting Rohini Scheme registrants,

Wishing you and your family

a very Happy & Prosperous Dipawali.


According to the information on Supreme Court website, pending case [Rahul Gupta v/s DDA] is listed for hearing on 21.01.2014.



Team ‘dda-rohini.tripod.com’


Update of 11.Oct.2012:


1.     Although, last date (i.e. 03.10.2012) of accepting the documents for verification and genuineness is passed over, DDA is still continuing to accept these documents and issuing a computerized receipt. Those, who have not yet deposited required documents, are advised to do so immediately.  

2.    While making the draw on 12.06.2012, through Press Release DDA announced that remaining left over registrants will be allotted plots in next three months. However, through an affidavit dated 18.07.2012 in the Supreme Court the Commissioner (LD)-DDA submitted that remaining left over registrants will be allotted plots in 4 months time (from the date of last draw ie; 12June2012). Both these targets are passed over, but DDA has not made any draw for remaining left over scheme registrants so far. We hope that DDA will fulfill its latest commitment of conducting a draw of plot to leftover scheme registrants immediately.  

3.    Most of you have written letter to DDA & other concerning departments/ officials that “allotment of reduced size (illegally done in 1999) and undeveloped plot is un-constitutional and because the matter is pending in SC/HC any such allotment is unacceptable.”  If the copy of such letter (already sent to VC-DDA) has not been posted to “Rahul Gupta”, you are advised to send the same immediately to “Rahul Gupta, 158 – Munirka Vihar, New Delhi – 110067” through ORDINARY POST only.  

4.    As informed to you earlier, the deadline for completion of development has once again been changed by DDA on its own to May-2013 through its affidavit dated 06.03.2012 in HC, and same is challengeable. Thereafter now even after a subsequent submission (affidavit dated 24.09.2012) in SC swearing to complete the development as per HC order, DDA says afresh that ‘it has no deadline to complete the development’. This amounts to “Contempt” of HC order at first and secondly amounts to misleading the court with modified submission in SC and the same has already been taken-up appropriately in SC by Rahul Gupta.  

Evidently, DDA is still trying its best to dupe the scheme registrants and to derail the fight for allotment of “applied/ bigger size (size applied/opted in 1981) and fully developed plot immediately to all waiting Rohini Scheme registrants”, but we will not permit them to succeed and the fight is still going strong. Volunteers are welcome to join “team Rahul Gupta & dda-rohini.tripod.com” and those who wish to help monetarily also, may contact Rahul Gupta “cipherbox@hotmail.com” or S.Y.Narayanan “syn@engineer.com”.




Update of 01.10.2012:


Deviating from their earlier commitment in the Hon’ble High Court to complete development on all allotted plots by May 2013 (Allotment  date 12June2012), DDA has filed a fresh (challengeable) affidavit in Hon’ble Supreme Court, revising their plan as to complete development in  about 60% of the plots by September 2013 only. Status of the balance remains a mystery. Through this latest affidavit, DDA has crushed the hopes of scheme registrants of getting posession by May – 2013. 


Update of 21.09.2012


Thank you all for continuing support for Rohini cause.  

Although the fight against DDA on Rohini cause is for all waiting scheme registrants, every genuine scheme registrant, who wants to help fighting for legitimate rights, is welcome to join “Rahul Gupta and ‘dda-rohini.tripod.com’ team”. Monetary contribution was never a condition to join the team and, for your information please note that volunteers having different expertise are also present with us and participating actively and as such new members are always welcome. More importantly, we need your well wishes to accomplish the task in hand. 

Our constitution permits us to demand and fight for following demands and sufficient supportive documents are already with me and/or have already been placed on the record with the court.  

1.   Applied size plot. (applicable only for those, who applied a 90 Sq. Mtr. MIG & 48 Sq. Mtr. LIG plot)

2.   Fully developed plot at the earliest.

3.   Suitable compensation.  

Important details of pending court case(s) as well as developments are being made available on ‘dda-rohini.tripod.com’ on regular basis. It is always not possible to explain on phone, lengthy details about the status of the court case(s) and on finding a solution to individual queries. Trust all concerned shall appreciate my position. It is my earnest desire to give you all satisfactory information. As such registrants may use e-mail for individual queries which is always replied by me, within limits of my knowledge and expertise. If you read carefully the earlier posts on ‘http://dda-rohini.tripod.com’, you will find answer(s) to most of your queries.  

As far as the ground situation stands, DDA has not done much so far after the draw of 12.06.2012 and at this speed, no one will be able to get possession of even an undeveloped plot by the end of 2013. For a fully developed plot it may be another 3-5 years.

The next date of hearing at Hon’ble High Court is 05.Dec.2012 and case at Hon’ble Supreme Court is fixed for 01.Oct.2012.  Thanks

Rahul Gupta





Update of 15.09.2012

Last date for submission of documents for ‘verification and genuineness’ is further extended to 03.Oct.2012.


Update of 31.08.2012

Last date for submission of documents for ‘verification and genuineness’ is further extended to 17.Sept.2012.


Pending case(s) status:

Next date of hearing at High Court of Delhi is 19.Sept.2012.


Supreme Court has fixed 01.Oct.2012 for hearing/ deciding our PIL, which includes prayer for direction to DDA to allot applied size plot/originally promised size and at the earliest in developed sectors.



Update of 15.08.2012


Last date for submission of documents for ‘verification and genuineness’ is extended to 31.08.2012.



Update of 31.07.2012


According to an ‘Unsigned Notice’ pasted on one of the ‘door’ at DDA office at Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi, the last date of submitting the required documents for ‘verification and genuineness’ is 17.08.2012. This date is applicable for all those, who have or who have not received the letters from DDA so far.

Updates of 12.07.2012


Now DDA has started dispatching intimation letters, informing the ‘provisional allotment’ and plot number allotted through already challenged 12.06.2012 draw.


Through its Press Release dated 12.06.2012, the DDA has admitted that these plots are undeveloped and necessary development will take ‘some time’. It has also been reported that a good number of plots carved out and allotted in sector 34, 35, 36 & 37 are falling in the disputed land(unresolved cases with Villages).


Through this letter of intimation, the registrants are also being sought by DDA to submit documents for the purpose of verification and eligibility. One of then is “an affidavit of not owning a property”. The format of this required affidavit is challengeable on following grounds.


1.      This affidavit/ undertaking has already been collected by DDA from the registrants at the time of accepting the application for the Scheme and to the best of our knowledge, without having this affidavit, the application was not accepted by DDA in 1981.


2.       Other eligibility condition was that “the applicant or his wife or his dependent children were not having a share of more than 65/67 sq. mtrs in any jointly owned residential property in Delhi or New Delhi or Delhi Cantonment.”


Clearly, had the applicant was the joint owner of a residential plot of 64 sq. mtrs, he was authorized to make the application for a plot under the Scheme. According to the building by-laws (minimum 1.5 FAR) applicable in 1981, he/ she could have build a house of about 960 sq. ft and according to the building by-laws, he is permitted to build three storied house (minimum 2.5 FAR) with minimum 1600 sq. ft covered area.


After applying for a plot from the Scheme, many of you may have become owner of a residential property because of gift by family members or due to inheritance or due to some other reasons as well.


3.       Despite of having sufficient land in its possession, of DDA’s own mistakes & wrongdoings and no fault of the registrants, the registrants were not allotted the plot in promised ‘5 years time’. Also, for the past 32 years DDA kept on befooling the registrants on various illegal grounds.


DDA did not allot the plot in the originally promised time and even considered scraping the scheme in 2006. After 32 years of launching the scheme, it anticipates that the scheme registrants should live on the mercy of the DDA only and should not think of owning a residence of own (purchased from open market) and should have remained without a roof of their own. Had we been allotted a plot in five years from the time of registration, that is say by1986, and then we would have immediately built a house and would have lived happily all these past 25 years. By not allotting a plot within the promised time frame, DDA has deprived us of a good life and has forced us to spend a big slice of our hard earned savings for buying a roof from open market. Just because of the criminal collusion a few officers of DDA (this includes several IAS officers also) and the land mafia, not less than 25000 families suffered a setback in their prime years of life. No court will pardon DDA for this meditated crime.


In this freshly required affidavit, the date/ period of applying in for the scheme is not mentioned and because this affidavit will be signed today, in simple words the DDA wants an affidavit declaring that ‘as on date, the scheme applicant or his/ her spouse and his minor children does not own a flat’, which is challengeable.


4.       On the issue of owning a property by the scheme allottee (at the time of allotment), DDA has canceled a number of allotted plots in past and a number of such unfortunate allottees took the help of Hon’ble Delhi High Court as well as Hon’ble Supreme Court to get restored the cancelled plot/ registration. In almost all such cases the decisions of the courts were in the favor of the plot allottees and DDA had to restore the cancellation of such plot allotment(s). The fact is that DDA has delivered the possession of such canceled plots to the allottees and/or restored the cancellation of illegally done registrations/ allotment by it.


In our opinion, those who own a residential flat or plot in Delhi – purchased from open market or even purchased through an open auction by DDA (may be after 1986), are eligible for the allotment of plot from the 1981 ROHINI Scheme and may consider submitting the affidavit with complete facts of the ownership of house/flat on following line:


At the time of applying for a EWS/ LIG/ MIG plot of ______ sq. mtrs. under the Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981, neither I, nor my wife/ husband or my minor children were owning in full or in part on leasehold or freehold basis of any residential flat or plot and as on date, neither of us have been allotted a residential flat or plot by DDA on subsidized rates in Delhi/ New Delhi or Delhi cantonment.

I also declare and submit that at the time of applying a EWS/LIG/MIG plot of _____ sq. mtrs under the Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981, neither I, nor my spouse and dependent children were having a share of more than 65/67 sq. mtrs in any jointly owned residential property in Delhi or New Delhi or Delhi Cantonment.” 

That I have purchased a flat/ plot bearing no. “details/ address of purchased property ”  of _____ sq. ft/ mtrs from the open market in the year _____. 


That I have become owner of a plot/ flat bearing no. “details/ address of purchased property ”  of _____ sq. ft/ mtrs because of inheritance/ gift.


Before submitting an affidavit on above lines, all are advised to take further legal opinion from qualified legal professionals. We, “the Web Host and the group of individuals –still fighting against DDA to get the allotment of a fully developed and applied size plot” are only expressing an opinion and such opinion shall not be considered as legal advice by any individual. 




Update 19June2012

Dear all,

On 14.03.2012 Hon’ble HC had called for statement from DDA on the size reduction issue and the matter is listed for hearing on 25.07.2012. However, without waiting for reply from DDA and also not considering our request for allotment of plots only from already developed sectors, the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi gave speaking orders on 14.03.2012 to DDA to allot plots before 13June2012.

DDA hurriedly conducted draw of lots on 12 June 2012 for 7,777 MIG (60 Sq M), 12,350 LIG (32 Sq M) & 4,402 JANTA (26 Sq M) undeveloped plots(in undeveloped sectors) and has allotted a plot number to each registrant as per priority list. Reduced size (reduction in size of plot was an unilateral decision by DDA in 1999 which is illegal) plots have been allotted through this draw.

Still some MIG, LIG & JANTA waiting scheme registrants have not been allotted the plot numbers through this draw of 12.06.2012 and as per the media reports, these remaining registrants may be allotted the plot numbers in coming 3-4 months time.

We feel sorry for the legitimate waiting registrants, not covered through this draw. Three of our esteemed members who are actively helping the fight against DDA are also in the list of registrants not allotted the plot numbers in this draw. Our fight will go on, till all legitimate remaining scheme registrants are allotted plots

Please check the details of allotment against your priority number on DDA.org website.

All the remaining critical unresolved issues have been raised in the Supreme Court thru a SLP and date of hearing on the case is 16.07.2012.

We hope the Hon’ble SC will direct DDA to allot plots only from developed sectors and also allot originally promised size of plots. In such a situation DDA shall be asked to make fresh draw of lots.

As reported by media that the plots are likely to be given at the rates ranging from Rs. 16,000/- to 21,000/- per Square Meter. However, issue of the right costing has already been raised in Delhi High Court and will be raised again in Supreme Court along with a prayer to award suitable compensation for the inordinate delay in allotment of plots.

Incidentally DDA has admitted that ‘mandatory development’ does not exist for the plots in the pockets/ sectors allotted through this draw of 12June2012 and will take some time to complete and this statement will be very useful in the Supreme Court. They have already admitted in the High Court that ‘mandatory development’ will be completed up to May - 2013. However, this target appears to be impossible to meet and hence, once again will lead to contempt of High Court orders.

The legitimate waiting MIG registrants & LIG (within the priority number 24,492) & EWS (within the priority number 6590), who have not been allotted the plot number through draw of 12June2012, may mail their case details on cipherbox@hotmail.com


update of 04.05.2012 & 09.05.2012.


In view of the past record of DDA of not only hoodwinking the scheme registrants for 31 years but also misleading the Hon’ble Delhi High Court in past 3 years as well, it was essential to knock at the doors of Hon’ble Supreme Court.


A PIL has been filed with prayer to


1. Stay the operation of the impugned HC order.


2.  Immediately stop all work by DDA targeting non-scheme related plans/projects on land acquired for the purpose of Rohini Residential Scheme,1981.


3. Direct DDA to first develop and allot originally applied size fully developed plots to the waiting scheme registrants.


Date of hearing at Supreme Court is 16July2012.


However, pending hearing on the above said PIL, a new application is made at HC for disposal of “left over issues ” and a prayer of “allotment of applied size plot”.

The Hon’ble Delhi High Court has ordered DDA to file reply in 4 weeks.


Next date of Hearing at HC is fixed for 25 July2012


Having secured HC order for definite allotment of plots for all the remaining registrants of the scheme, now it is time for Volunteers to come forward to help the team fighting crucial unclarified issues as expenses are mounting fighting at supreme Court level(Till now, with the help of few volunteers, we have managed the case at High Court)


Persons willing to contribute may contact Mr. Rahul Gupta at cipherbox@hotmail.com or Mr. S.Y.Narayanan at syn@engineer.com . Thanks



Allowing DDA Affidavit dated 06.03.2012 to start the process of draw of lot for 21,360 plots immediately and thereafter initiating the necessary development work on these plots which work DDA is planning to be complete by May 2013, once again the bench of Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice at Delhi High Court has passed an interim order.


Through this order dated 14.03.2012, DDA must allot 21,360 plots within 3 months starting from 19th March, 2012 and complete the required development work on these plots by May - 2013,


In view of numerous un-kept DDA promisses of past and also DDA disobedience of the earlier court orders, this latest commitment of DDA also appears to be a farce.


Our other prayers

“Allotment of same size of plot as promised at the time of application”

“Allotment of plots from already developed Sectors in ROHINI which DDA has hidden away from 1981 Plot Scheme ” and

“Providing suitable compensation for the suffering of past 31 years due to no fault of waiting registrants”, the next date of hearing has been fixed for 02.05.2012.


Expert advice is being sought and accordingly the next move will be initiated.




Hon'ble High Court of Delhi passed an isolated order on DDA to begin allotment of plots immediately. Details shall be available after receipt of approved copy. NDH for other prayers is fixed on 02nd May 2012.

Images of the media reports carried in some dailies are reproduced herebelow for information. 



15 Feb2012 Update


This is to inform all waiting registrants of the DDA-Rohini 1981 Plot scheme that the Writ case is still being heard in the High Court of Delhi and the next date of hearing is 29th Feb 2012.

Further it is informed that the case is still being argued in the High Court and any rumours of disposal or dimissal of the writ petition is purely a mischief played by anti social elements. 

14Dec11 update

Wishing all members and their family a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012. The next date of hearing is fixed on 15February2012.

Update of 09Nov2011

Unexpecting our fresh written statement further exposing DDA's omissions in the past and our concurrent filing of a Contempt Petition against DDA, Hon'ble High Court of Delhi however, was kind enough to fix an early hearing on 14.12.2011. 


Those who want to transfer his/ her Rohini Scheme registration in the name of a family member,




In the unfortunate eventuality, if original registrant is no longer alive and his/her wards desire to get the registration transferred in the name of a family member


May please contact Dy. Director (LSB), Rohini,  DDA office  at INA, New Delhi for completing the formalities. 


Satellite Images of the various Sectors in ROhini are given below and large areas of open free spaces in these Sectors can be seen from the images.




Sector-24 is more or less filled up and is not shown here


Sector-26 is almost filled up and is not shown here.







01 Oct 2011


While fast-tracking the hearing on the PIL cases as a consolation for the injured in the HC Delhi blast of 07th Sept 2011, our case was listed on 17thSept 2011 and again on 23rd Sept2011 on which date DDA had claimed to have made some progress in the Rohini area, which to us is not convincing.



Those registrants or their family members or friends, who are somewhat connected with civil construction and have the knowledge of demarcation and development of land/ plot and wish to help the cause of Rohini Residential scheme – 1981, may contact Rahul Gupta on his mobile no. 9811071782 (would prefer SMS) or e-mail ID cipherbox@hotmail.com immediately. This help is required to counter the wrong submissions of DDA in Delhi High court. 


Ideally demarcation work done on any land identified for residential row houses by any agency shall look as seen in the typical picture shown below. Members are requested to make some survey in the Rohini area and find any such work taken-up as claimed by DDA. Pls send pictures if any taken by you.






It is painfully informed that Sh.Gautama needs amputation of a leg. God bless him and family with strength to go through this extreme situation.  




Shri.Vipin Kumar Gautama continues to be in a serious condition and he has been transferred to AIIMS Trauma centre. Shri. Tarun Vats Chaturvedi is also in for surgery. Let us all pray for their speedy recovery.     

08sept2011(evening update)

Sh.Rahul Gupta(Litigant in the pending PIL case) along with Sh.Vipin Kumar Gautama, Sh.Tarun Vats Chaturvedi, and Sh.Ashok Arora were injured while waiting to get entry passes made for attending the hearing of our case with DDA at the Delhi High Court on 07Sept2011. 

Fortunately Sh.Arora escaped unhurt. However, Sh.Gautama got serious injuries and is undergoing treatment.

Let us all pray for his speedy recovery. 




Our founder members Shri Rahul Gupta and Shri Vipin Kumar Gautam got injured in the Bomb blast at the Delhi High Court on 07Sept2011 while waiting for their entry passes made for appearance in our case against DDA.

Let us all pray for their speedy recovery from the injuries.



It has come to the notice that people with vested interests are  trying to mislead  registrants with rumors like “DDA is planning to allot the plots in Narela area”. Please do not pay any attention to such baseless rumors.

Update of 18.05.2011

 The statement filed by DDA as “status report”, on 18th May2011 was summarily rejected by the Hon’ble Chief Justice and his companion Judge at Delhi High Court. The Hon’ble court observed that DDA’s plea quoting “Stay put by Hon’ble Supreme Court on certain identified small portion of land in Rohini” as inadequate excuse for not to develop land other than this portion for purpose of allotment in the present case. DDA literally admitted that “Nothing has been done so far in the present case of Rohini residential Plot scheme 1981 as per their commitment to HC on 16Dec2009”.


Now, this evasive “status report” drives us to move for contempt proceedings against DDA for not complying with the High Court of Delhi order dated 16Dec2009 (as 20 months will be ending on 16Aug2011 by which DDA was to allot 16000 developed plots). Next date of hearing is 17Aug2011.


As long as we are determined we are bound to get justice.

It is again reminded that registrants are advised not to get trapped by property dealers.

= = = =


Appeal to all waiting registrants
Some person/s are using the Sign My Guestbook link to publicise the court orders and notings. This action will amount to "Contempt of Court". As such the View my Guestbook link is being disabled for some time now. As soon as final orders are recieved from court, the link will go active again.
Property Dealers will get active and may approach you registrants for sale of registration by soliciting through letters/ e-mails/ telephone and by contacting in person. It is advised, such transaction is illegal and you may only jeopardise our effort to get our genuine legal claims. You all have waited for 30 years, and kindly have some more patience -Please do not sell your registration to ‘Third Party’.


Update of 09March2011


Since even after 15 months of Court order, there was no sign for allotment of plots, a supplementary Writ was filed by Mr. Rahul Gupta with Hon’ble Delhi High Court and an order has been passed by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court on DDA to file an affidavit detailing the progress made so far.


DDA has to file the affidavit by 06.04.2011, detailing the progress and latest status in response to the court order of 16.12.2009.


Next date of hearing has been fixed for 20.04.2011.


Update of Republic Day 26.01.2011


Through reliable sources, it has come to knowledge that Planning Department (Rohini) - DDA has submitted a layout to additional 4000 plots to Rohini Scheme Registrants. With this 4000 figure, total 21000 plots have already been cleared by Planning Dept of DDA for allotment.


However, such plans have no meaning, until the Engineering wing (Rohini) of DDA develop Infrastructure in these areas. We notice there is hardly any sign at site on this front. Only after the development is over, Land Sales Branch (LSB) of DDA can make the allotment.


After  the DDA's promise in  the Court on 16Dec2009, 13 months are already passed and it is unlikely that DDA can deliver 16000 developed plots within next 7 months (balance time left out of the initial 20 months commitment to allot the said number of plots).


In this situation we shall have to gear up the fight afresh  in the Delhi High Court/ Supreme Court and volunteers are welcome to join ‘active group’ and contribute to this urgent cause immediately.


Rahul Gupta


At last one National Daily has started seeing us in pain

Find below the reproduction from the Hindustan-Delhi (Hindi edition of Hindustan Times) dated 17th, 29th, 30th Nov 2010. The article series continues for the fifth day in sequence on 03rd Dec 2010(that is today). The extracts shall be added progressively 


29th Nov 2010

Hindustan Delhi 29112010pp2art1.jpg

Full page view



Pls click here to "SIGN MY GUEST BOOK" and "VIEW MY GUEST BOOK"

Primary and foremost goal of ‘organisation’ is to get ‘legitimate allotment of Plot’ from DDA against our registration in DDA’s “Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981”. Purpose of this organization is also to increase the popularity of common interests. We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. By developing relationships and friendships, the organization will become even stronger. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.


Organization Mission

Our mission is to make aware the public, how DDA has cheated the nation i.e. the waiting registrants of Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981. Our mission is to further promote ‘the fight against system’ through a logical and planned approach and to stop such type of happenings not only in the hands of DDA, even by any such type of Public Authority all over India by highlighting this exemplary and national interest issue.


Against available 1,17,000 plots for the Scheme, only 82,384 registrations were made on the ‘extended last date’ for the scheme. It is interesting to note that against 2474 hectare land for the scheme, DDA has already got about 4680 hectare land in its possession for this Scheme. Despite of already acquired about double land, even after 29 years (as on 2010), about 25,300 registrants of this scheme are still waiting to get the allotment of plot against their registration.


Most shocking, about 25% registrants are no more alive to see a ‘dream house of their own’, they applied to DDA in 1981 and almost all remaining are senior citizen now. Among the alive registrants, most are on the verge of their life span and may not be able to see their ‘own Dream House’, if DDA does not make the plot allotment immediately.


In 2007, DDA even approached the Ministry seeking the permission to close the Scheme without any further allotment of plots to waiting scheme registrants and such move was made public by the erstwhile VC-DDA Shri Dinesh Rai ji in Media.


After publication of this ‘damaging news’, every effort was made to get resolve this issue and all concerning officials including Hon’ble President’s office, Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha, Hon’ble Prime Minister’s office, Hon’ble Minister - Ministry of Urban Development, Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi  were approached thorough written as well as live representation numerous times, but to no result.


After acknowledging a complaint from Mr Rahul Gupta, the Directorate of Public Grievance (DPG) under the Chief Secretary of Govt. of India also issued the notice to DDA & Ministry of Urban development and has already directed the Ministry to investigate the Scheme.


Hon’ble Secretary General Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha have already demanded explanation from the Ministry on answers made on Rohini issue in the House.


The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has already started investigating the Scheme on an acknowledged/ written complaint (no. 1337/08/8) from Mr. Rahul Gupta in October – 2008 and a final outcome is still awaited.

Our Grievance

Some of the ‘wrong doings of past 29 years’ are as under:

1.  Flouting the Scheme norms, the Rohini land was illegally diverted for ‘non-scheme related projects’ and additional and illegal Housing Schemes have already been executed from Rohini land.

2.  Flouting the Scheme norms, between 1983-87, the Rohini land was allotted to Co-operative Societies and this has already been confessed by VC-DDA through an affidavit in Delhi High Court.

3.  Despite of having sufficient land in its possession, the size of plot was reduced in 1999.

4.  Not only the Ministry has been updated with wrong information, DDA has even mislead the Hon’ble Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha on this issue several times in past.

5.  By keeping the Plot allotment on hold, Scheme norms were changed for making more flats and such changes were proposed by those who were not authorized/ permitted to do so. More surprisingly, in most of such cases of changes, there is no ‘record’ with DDA.


After collecting the “startling proofs of DDA’s wrong doing (through RTI Act)” of past, which has resulted in non-ending wait of allotment of plot to Scheme registrants, with ‘active support of a group of waiting Scheme registrants also the registrants on ‘dda-rohini.tripod.com’, Mr Rahul Gupta moved a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) [W.P.(C): 8765/2009] in Hon’ble Delhi High Court in May-2009. As everything was against DDA, within 7 months and on 16.12.2009 Hon’ble Delhi High Court has already passed the instructions to DDA to clear the backlog of the Scheme by allotting ‘fully developed plot’ within 3 years.


DDA was constituted to provide speedy and planned development of Delhi at reasonable cost. One of the main aims of DDA is to provide ‘affordable housing to needy i.e. the weaker section of the society’. Surprisingly, since 1994 DDA has not allotted any plot to waiting Economic Weaker Section (EWS) category registrants of the Rohini Scheme, who have deposited Rs. 750/- with DDA in hope to get allotted a 26 sq. mtr plot and about 4500 registrants are still waiting for a plot for which they deposited about 30% of the total plot value (as deposit money) in 1981.


The fight is still not over. Evaluating the past ‘bad record of DDA, supposedly one of the most corrupt organisation’, fight is still not over. In recent past DDA was EXPOSED  for its irregularities in Residential Flat Scheme – 2008 and  again now in Commonwealth Games – 2010 preparations.


We will see that every waiting registrant of Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 gets his due allotment of plot as early as possible. The goal is to get the erring DDA to honour the commitment made 30 years ago.


We are whole heartedly thankful to those who have already joined us and provided their ‘valuable and enthusiastic support’.


We further appeal all like minded people/ organistation, specially the waiting Rohini Scheme registrants to come forward and join the hands.




"Click on Video window above" for Story on CNBC TV18 Telecast on 19 December 2008.............................................. Click on the Link below to see news covered in Citizen Journalist section of IBN Khabar on 17th Feb 2009


Our founder Members
Sh. Rahul Gupta

Ms.Rumjhum Chatterjee

Dear registrants, Please send your photographs so that same can be displayed here and we shall familiarise each other.

Have you signed the 'GUEST BOOK" ?

Link given below