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21 February 2006

Over-run by encroachments, the city has little in terms of legal housing options. The bad news is, things are going to get worse. Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is proposing to scrap its Rohini Residential Scheme 1981. If the proposal is accepted, it would mean the end of the dream of owning a house for the 25,857 people who have been waiting for the past 25 years. The reason: Myriad, say DDA sources. From the lack of developed land to apprehension that those still waiting for the plots are not genuine buyers, all have apparently contributed to DDA decision. Said a senior DDA official: "Most of those waiting for the land are in it for speculative purposes. Since DDA's rates are substantially lower, few genuine buyers have remained. Almost all have passed it on to brokers." DDA's assumption is based on a survey that it carried out recently of plots that have already been allotted under the scheme. The survey showed that a staggering 100% had since approached DDA for conversion purposes with a new owner at the helm. Originally, almost 82,000 people had registered under the scheme, with almost 56,000 already getting the allotments. Officials fear that it would be the same for those still waiting for allotments. "Those who had registered have passed it on to brokers, who are now handling all the transactions. If DDA allots these plots, they will only end up with the land mafia," added an official. Lending credence to the argument is the huge price difference between DDA's prices and the market rates. DDA is selling it's 26, 32 and 60 square meter plots MIG, LIG and Janata at a lowly Rs 5,000 per square meter. These same plots, however, fetch anywhere between Rs 10,000 and 15,000 once they come to market. Brokers say that prices of these DDA plots have gone up by 15% over the past year. Said Hempreet, a local property dealer: "Plots are easily available, though as power-of-attorney. Yes, the demand has gone up in the past few months." In fact, for a price, even the "hassles" of conversion is handled by brokers. The proposal, meanwhile, has already been sounded out by the urban development ministry. Sources claim that the file had been sent a month ago, with the ministry sending it back for some clarifications. "It's gone back to the minister, who is quite keen on the proposal," added the source. Once the proposal goes through, DDA is planning to refund the deposit money to the registrants. "We may give sops like paying a higher rate of interest or provide alternate housing in the form of flats," added DDA officials. Last year, DDA had allotted 1,156 plots under the scheme while promising that it would acquire land in phase IV and V of Rohini for those still waiting in the list.



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DDA- Rohini Registrants details
S.Y.NARAYANAN, MIG (GE) App No:236691 PRIORITY No. 11238
SUBRATA GUHA, MIG (GE) Appl No:174588 PRIORITY No. 11441

Avinash Chander, LIG, App. No. 243484, Priority No. 19362

Rahul Gupta, MIG,App.No.212005, Priority No.17601

Ra j Rani Khanna, MIG, App.No........, Priority No.10729

A.K.Bhagchandani, LIG, App.No. 49989, Priority No. 15480

RumJhum Chatterjee, MIG, App.No........, Priority No. 11131

Satish Sharma, .MIG, App.No. 187874, Priority No. 11113

Kunal Bhatia, M.I.G, App No.126359. Priority No. 10162

Jyoti Advani, MIG, App No............, Priority No. 12664

Satish Chand Rohatgi, MIG, App No. 108751 , Priority No.17021

Shashi Kumar Handa, MIG App No............,Priority No. 14839

Mukul Arora, MIG, App No. 239153, Priority No. 17435

Kailash Chander, NIG, AppNo. 49076, Priority No. 10278

Mulk Raj Anand

Chandan Singh

Virender Kumar Jain

Radhey Shyam

Pradeep Jolly

Meenu Gupta

Rajesh Gupta

Vipul Rajey Sobti

Sumit Talapatra

Ashwani Kumar

Subhash Chanrer Bhatia

J L Gandhi

Sanjay Dua

Uma Narayanan

Harbhagwan Nijhawan

Bodh raj

Tirlok Yadav

Hari Kishan Sikri

Prahlad Rai Mittal


Achint Ram Sharma


Tirlok Singh

Sumit Kaushik

Arun Kumar Gupta

Rakesh Khurana

Chitresh Dutta

Niranjan Moyal

Inderjit Singh

Pradeep Kumar

J L Kishnani

Roshan Mann

Kishan Gopal Nagrath

P Subhadra

Amar Singh

Kuljeet Kaur

Veena Sehgal

Rohan Kapoor


Pushpalata Malhotra

Somit narang

Sunder Singh

Rakesh Kumar


Har Govind

Mahendra Kumar Aggarwal

Ajit Bedi

Elamthottam Devasia James

Devendra Rao

Baldev Kishan Bajaj

Ashok Kumar Malhotra

Satish Kumar

Dharam Pal Singh



Mrs Kaul

G K Gaur

T R Sharma

Gulashan Kumar Kapoor

Mrs Naresh Khanna

Tarun Vats Chaturvedi

Cdr Bihari Lal Sharma

Ram Bilas Goel

Trilochan Singh






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